Unicorn birthday party game

How to organize a unicorn birthday party game ?

The unicorn… All little girls know this legendary creature with its horn on its head! Organizing a unicorn birthday party game is easy! Follow the guide with all our tips and advice to make your life easier! This is the trendy theme of the moment, the unmissable theme very often asked during birthdays by young ladies! All parents know the attraction of little girls for unicorns with their magical, colorful and playful world! This pastel and rainbow colored creature won the hearts of children, young and old!

So, find out here how to organize a unicorn birthday party game from A to Z

Treasure hunt game, unicorns-themed

The unicorn birthday invitations:

It all starts with the invitations… Indeed, once the theme has been chosen, you have to invite your little friends early on for the birthday party. Distribute them a fortnight before so that families can organize themselves. The traditional invitation on paper is the most way to invite your friends! Your child will be happy to distribute and that his comrades will be delighted to receive…

A nice invitation on the theme of unicorns is essential! Remember to download and print free of charge the invitations posted on our website on the theme of your game… Its becomes very easy to prepare your party: invitations are ready. You just have to print them and fill them with the first name, the place, the date and the time of the party!

Unicorns birthday party invitations

Unicorn treasure hunt game to easily organize a birthday party

Nothing like a real unicorn themed treasure hunt to liven up your birthday party. Organizing a treasure hunt takes a lot of time and organization … So opt for a “turnkey” type of game where everything is already included.

Unicorn birthday party game for kids 

Why spend hours organizing everything when in a few clicks you can get a ready-to-print game, adapted to your child’s age group and created by an early childhood professional? The treasure hunt is the flagship activity of birthday parties! Combine puzzles, challenges and group games with the unicorn theme and you will be sure of the success of your party! Download your game, print it, hide the puzzles and play…  According to numerous requests, we created a unicorn-themed treasure hunt to 4-5-year and 6-7-year-old children.

How to organize a unicorn birthday party game

An overview of the story:

Do you know the kingdom of unicorns? It is a wonderful place of unparalleled beauty protected by an eternal rainbow. But this morning, the rainbow disappeared plunging the whole kingdom into a deep winter. Harmony, our intrepid little unicorn, decided to go in search of the disappeared rainbow … She needs your help to understand what happened. 7-light diamond, little fairies and the witch will also be part of your adventure. Discover this treasure hunt in 2 different versions. The story remains the same, but the puzzles change to first fit to 4-5-year-old children, then evolve for kids aged 6-7 years. These two versions are both fun and educational with colorful graphics, fun puzzles, an incredible story that will immerse children in the wonderful world of unicorns.

printable unicorns diploma

The decoration to organize a unicorn birthday party game:

To organize a unicorn birthday party game, you must also think about decorating your party. You can of course imagine an all pink decoration, very “girly” and glittery, to recall the theme of unicorns. You can also opt for pastel colors representing the seven colors of the rainbow. The decoration is important to recreate a magical universe and impress the children who will remember this beautiful afternoon for a very long time!

Where to find decoration ?

You will very easily find on the internet or in specialized stores plates, glasses, tablecloth, balloons and everything you need to decorate your play area on the theme of unicorns. Place unicorn figurines, glitter or small confetti on your table to accentuate the magical side. The decoration on the theme of unicorns is very abundant and easy to find! Choose pastel or rainbow colored balloons that will have their effect. Pretty garlands to hang in the living room on the theme of unicorns will also be highlighted!For the table, opt for a unicorn snack kit with tablecloth, goblet, plates and napkins! The little extra will be to put some glitter all over the table! Guaranteed effect!

The unicorn cake:

The birthday cake can easily adapt to the unicorn theme. Several options are available to you. Bake a traditional cake and decorate it with small subjects or a small unicorn-themed decoration. You can also simply make a simple cake or chocolate cake but with white frosting. All you need to do is sprinkle with multicolored vermicelli which will bring to mind the pastel colors of the rainbow. You can opt for the famous all-white sugar paste cake with unicorn decoration on top.

The rainbow cake:

An original cake idea that fits very well with the unicorn theme is the Rainbow cake: a cake known for its magnificent appearance where we find the colors of the rainbow. Children will be blown away when you cut the cake, revealing all of its magnificent colors! This is the perfect time to try out the experience of making the Rainbow Cake. The arrival of the cake is a moment long awaited by children, the moment when the hero of the day will blow out his candles, surrounded by his friends, the moment when we take out the camera! So the cake must be a success! No worries… Kids are always watching the general appearance of the cake and not dwell on the details!

The unicorn costume:

The decor is ready, your cake is in the oven … You still have just one small detail to organize a unicorn birthday party game: the costume! Indeed, there are a multitude of accessories like the “unicorn” headband, or even T-shirts or costumes bearing the image of this legendary animal. The bravest can even embark on the creation of a unicorn tutu… Offer a little make-up for the children who want it, decorate with a few glitter and all the unicorns are ready! A lot of ideas to discover on  Pinterest!

Other ideas to organize a unicorn birthday party game:

After your treasure hunt activity on the theme of unicorns, then taste it, make way for activities! Of course, always on your theme! Choose games and adapt them to the unicorn theme! Here is a list of indoor and outdoor activities that you can set up with children to continue your party by keeping them occupied with various games on the theme of unicorns:

The unicorn pinata:

The pinata: traditional game of birthday parties, the pinata exists in several forms. Opt for the unicorn pinata with threads or to beat to stay in the theme of your party!

The pinata with threads is intended for the youngest children… Multicolored threads are arranged under the pinata. The child will have to find the right thread to drop the candies placed inside.

The pinata to beat on is more difficult; count a good twenty minutes to successfully break it… Children, blindfolded and using a pinata stick will have to tap on it in turn. The goal is to break it so that the candies and small treats placed by the parents can be released… In both cases, children will share the harvest at the end of the game!

The unicorn mane:

This is a fun game that you can easily put together with kids always on the theme of the unicorn. Draw a large unicorn on white paper, but without its mane. Separate the children into 2 teams. Prepare strips of crepe paper with the different colors of the rainbow.

Rules of the game :

Children are placed one behind the other forming a column (so 2 teams = 2 columns = 2 drawings). At the start, the first child will have to hang his piece of crepe paper on the neck of the unicorn in order to form his mane. Plan on seven pieces of crepe paper to make up the 7 colors of the rainbow. Children will then have to make a relay. They will have to place the 7 strips of colored crepe paper on the unicorn to represent his mane as quickly as possible. The first team to reform the unicorn mane won!

Our free games to organize a unicorn birthday party game:

In our free games section, we offer activities on the theme of unicorns as well as coloring. You can print them so that they can be offered to children on their birthday. This allows you to organize a quieter activity after your treasure hunt activity which will have been much more eventful. These games help you to organize a unicorn birthday party game.

Unicorn shadow matching game to print for kids

You can also offer them during this time to make pretty unicorn masks that children can take home…You will understand, organizing a unicorn birthday is not that complicated …Here is an overview of our UNICORN coloring page:

Unicorn free printable colouring for kids

Pretty invitations, a great treasure hunt game, a beautiful decoration, a rainbow cake, activities and small games to complete your party… All decorated with unicorns, unicorns and more unicorns and success is guaranteed!

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