Print a treasure hunt or a scavenger hunt for your kids! Test our innovative fun concept for an entertaining activity to organize at a kid’s birthday party or to play with your family!

A treasure hunt is a great idea for a game to organize at home or everywhere. It will keep the children entertained and occupied during a home birthday party. You will find a wide range of different themes and ideas for ready-to-print birthday party treasure hunt games on our website!

Live a wonderful adventure full of puzzles and riddles to play as a group! Do something different and fun for an unforgettable, original and festive moment for your kid and his friends.

Our games aim to please and bring so much laughter, and excitement to your birthday fun.

Check the rules, print the documents then hide the puzzles in your game space.

Showing 1–18 of 65 results

Showing 1–18 of 65 results