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Treasure hunt, detective mystery & home escape room for kids

Discover an innovative concept of downloadable games: treasure hunt, detective mystery and escape room to print for kids from 4 to 12 years old. Looking for a fun game for kids’ birthday parties? Try a treasure hunt! Keep your children busy during your big event, gathering or spend a quality family time. A treasure hunt is a satisfying experience for the children of all ages.

Print & play treasure hunt games

Each game kit comes in the form of a PDF file to download and serves as a support for a simplified group animation! It includes the explanations for your organization, a sheet of follow-up, the beginning of the story, the outcome of the adventure, the story-line, a dozen clues with puzzles to solve & diplomas to print. Invitations are available for free on our website.

You will find all you need to liven up a treasure hunt for kids in our guide:“How to organize a treasure hunt for kids?” and discover our games in french too.

Our strengths

  • Complete game kits created by an early childhood professional.
  • Large choice of fun and varied themes, adapted to each age group.
  • Unlimited download.
  • All games at only 12$.
  • Available immediately after payment.
  • 20 min of preparation.
  • Many fun and educational games to print for free!
  • Free invitations available on the site.
  • Birthday party Printables to match the chosen game theme.
Treasure hunt for kids

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Throw a birthday party they will never forget!

Designer of treasure hunt for kids to organize easily a great birthday party activity

Do something original and different by organizing a treasure hunt for kids! We offer a wide choice of treasure hunts & detective mysteries and other kinds of kid friendly surveys. Furthermore they are all ready to play and education-oriented. Our games are intended for every occasion, whether it is a birthday, a family gathering  or simply to celebrate any special events (Halloween, Christmas…).

Surprise your kids with a treasure hunt

Organize a great birthday party with our pirate-themed treasure hunt

Treasure hunt for kids will give them something funny to do and are a great way for you to get more involved with your kids and learn about their interest. Treasure hunts are cool, interactive and creative. You can have a treasure hunt at home, in your garden or elsewhere.  A treasure hunt for kids is a great way to make your child’s birthday an unforgettable event!

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Set up a successful treasure hunt for kids

Kids treasure hunt game to print

Because there is an adventurer in every child, treasure hunts for kids have always been a success! It is the perfect occasion for your children and their friends to get together and share an adventure you will set up for them. Our kits are here to help you achieving a well-balanced and successful game, while saving you time and hassles. They provide step-by-step instructions to make your treasure hunt a success.

Factors to take into account for an amazing treasure hunt for kids

  • Firstly, the age of the children will influence the length of your treasure hunt.
  • Puzzles should be suitable for each age: neither too easy nor too complex.
  • Theme: you should choose a theme your children and their friends will love!
  • Location: a house, garden, park or forest, there are so many places where you can organize a treasure hunt.
Police investigation for kids

There is a treasure hunt for every kid!

Above all, the most important is that your children will have a party they will always remember, and whilst it is all about fun, treasure hunts for kids are educational as well. In addition, we offer a wide range of themes, for outdoor or indoor activities, you pick what you want and what will make your children happy! Come in and discover our games, all ready-to-print and ready to play.

Easily organize a printable adventure game

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