Dragon party games

Your child wants to have a dragon themed birthday party and you are wondering what games you can set up?

Check out all of our birthday game ideas here to keep kids of all ages busy for an entire afternoon on this theme.

Bring dragons to life with these fun birthday party ideas for kids.  Everyone will enjoy the dragon themed games and activities. There are many fun dragon party ideas that will make party planning easy.

The dragon is often associated with knights or Vikings. So, for the main game of your party, opt for the traditional treasure hunt which remains the best value in terms of animation.

Discover our game “The dragon’s egg”, a turnkey treasure hunt that will allow children to have fun while staying in the theme of the party.

A dragon’s egg has been stolen. The dragon mom is enraged! You must quickly find the egg and bring it back to the dragon’s lair before she unleashes her flames and burns the whole kingdom. Clues, puzzles and challenges await you throughout this adventure!

Dragon treasure hunt activity for kids

Feed the dragons

Vikings had to feed their dragons with catapults and sheep – in this game we’ll do the same! To prepare to feed the dragons, you will have to create sheep out of cotton balls, catapults using blowguns and targets representing the dragons’ mouths.

For the sheep, you can use the white blowpipe balls and draw the sheep’s face on them. The catapults will be the blowguns and the targets can be simple cardboard boxes or other containers. The children will each have a timed time of 2 minutes to try to put as many balls as possible in the mouth of the dragon represented by the boxes.

On a shoe box, you can make sharp dragon teeth to represent the mouth of the animal.

Practice capturing a dragon

To capture a dragon, you throw a rope around its neck. It’s as simple as that! Your challenge: pass these rope rings around the stakes that represent the dragons’ necks.

For this challenge, use a classic wooden game of skill: the ring toss game that can be found in the “outdoor games” section of toy stores or supermarkets for about twelve dollars on average. The children will have to throw the rope rings around the wooden poles to capture the dragon!

Dragon training

Kids will love this fun variation of “Simon Says”, where they have to play the role of an expert dragon trainer. This game is easy and requires no additional materials.

One player takes the role of the Viking Dragon Trainer, and the other players play as dragons. All dragons face the Dragon Trainer and must listen carefully. The dragon player gives an order, but the dragons should only listen if the Dragon Trainer begins the order by saying “The Viking says”. The commands should be fun for the dragons, like “The Viking said touch your toes” or “Turn around.

If they carry out the order when they are not supposed to, or if they don’t carry it out when they should, they are eliminated from the round. The last dragon becomes the new dragon trainer for the next round.

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Treasure hunt for kids

Test your ability to ride a dragon: the most balancing of all party games

You must prove that you can ride a dragon by testing your balance on a balance board. Your challenge: each dragon rider apprentice must balance for at least 5 seconds with a glass of water in his hand without spilling it!

For this test, bring a balance board: it’s a board with a non-slip backing glued to a wooden ball and used in physiotherapy or gym exercises. You can find them online or in sports stores.

For smaller children, you can do the same game without using the water glass. The water glass is a fun item that you can use if you do the activity outdoors and in the summer.

The Dragon’s Tail

To play this game, each player will need a dragon tail. You can tie a ribbon around the waist of each guest, and then hang a long piece of cloth

a long piece of fabric that will represent the tail. Allow 5 minutes for each round. The object of the game is for each player to steal as many tails as possible while protecting their own. Players run around the game area trying to steal each other’s tails without getting their own. Only one tail is tied around your waist. The other tails are kept in your hand. If your tail is stolen, you can replace it with another tail that was stolen from another player. When the time is up, any player without a cue is eliminated. The remaining players count their tails and the player with the most tails wins the game!

Dragon party games

Slay the evil dragons

The evil dragons must be killed to free the knights of the night watch! You’ll need skill and precision to kill the three terrible enemy dragons that stand in your way with a water cannon. Only if all the dragon masters succeed, the knights of the night guard will be freed.

This is one of the most galvanizing events for adventurers: a basin filled with water, water cannons (or water guns), three dragon figurines set up in a line alternating with two Playmobil knights and you’re done! In case of rain, or indoors, replace the water cannons with nerf guns. The children will have to aim only at the dragons without touching the knights and thus free them.

Let the dragon sleep: the most fun of all party games

A full belly makes dragons sleepy. It’s bad luck to wake dragons during their nap.

Choose an adult to be the sleeping dragon. He will lie down at one end of the room. The trainers line up on the other side. While the sleeping dragon snores loudly, the trainers try to sneak into the room and past the sleeping dragon. Unfortunately, dragons are restless sleepers and can wake up at any time.

Trainers must freeze when the dragon starts to wake up. If the dragon sees someone moving, it will growl and send the offending trainer back to the start. After one minute, the dragon goes back to sleep and the Trainers can start moving again. The first trainer to get past the dragon wins!

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Police investigation for kids

Bursting the fake dragon eggs

The whisper tree was a tree decorated with red and green balloons representing eggs. Hang a message on the tree, and have the kids discover it and read it!

MESSAGE: Dear dragon masters, welcome to the tree of whispers. Break all these false dragon eggs. Only honest, brave and valiant knights can answer the riddles they contain. If you answer them correctly, you will win a treasure. Are you ready for the challenge?

For this challenge, inflate 14 balloons in which you will place small scrolls with riddles or puzzles of their level.

The principle of the game is simple: each dragon master must in turn pop a balloon of his choice among those hanging on the tree to catch the riddle: all the children had to join forces to find the right answer. When all the balloons were popped and all the riddles solved, the children received a treasure, for example bags of candy.

Dragon Egg Hunt

This is a great way to get everyone moving. It’s a fun version of the classic Easter egg hunt. Start by buying Styrofoam Easter eggs, then paint them gold, silver or metal or buy them as is. Then feel free to hide them wherever you want. You can divide into teams, pairs or play head-to-head. Whoever finds the most eggs wins a prize!

Dragon Racing: the most creative of all party games

It’s time to put those dragon trainers to the test, and see how their dragons really fly! This game requires paper and coloring utensils. Each guest takes a paper to make a paper airplane the way they want it. They can then decorate their plane and turn it into a dragon! Once everyone is done, have them take their finished projects and see which dragon can fly the farthest.

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