Ninja party games

Discover in this article all our ideas of games to set up for a birthday party on the Ninja theme.

Ninja party games for kids birthday party

A Ninja birthday party is a great theme option for a birthday party and is equally suitable for boys and girls.

Whether your little brave is a fan of Ninjago, Ninjas Turtles, Naruto or simply martial arts, the Ninja theme will surprise him!

Discover in this article all our game ideas for a ninja birthday party for the greatest pleasure of your little adventurers.

The ninjas: true warriors

A ninja was a warrior-spy in medieval Japan.

In the imagination of Westerners and even Japanese, ninjas are represented as warriors dressed in black, a hood masking their face, performing physical feats in combat, acrobatics, and experts in techniques of concealment, poisoning, and especially diversion.

The ninja was stealthy and secretive. He knew how to disguise himself as someone from another social class or region.

NINJA Treasure Hunt: the must for party games

What could be better than a great treasure hunt to animate your NINJA birthday party? Indeed, discover our turnkey game kits to organize a great group activity on this theme.

This game is available in 4-5 years old, 6-7 years old and from 8 years old.

Ninja printable party game

The children will have to acquire the 7 sacred stones of Ninja in order to become a super Warrior and complete their training.

This kit includes 10 clues, puzzles and challenges. The children will have to find each of them and then solve them in order to move on to the next clue. At each successful step, they will get a sacred stone. The 7 stones together will finally give them the NINJA super powers. Everything is included in the file and is already ready to be set up.

Easy to use for parents, this kit will make your NINJA party a real success.

Ninja treasure hunt for kids

Party games for your little ninja

The Blind Ninja

One child is blindfolded while the others hide around the play area.  Once hidden, they cannot move. The blindfolded player must find the hidden players without the benefit of sight.

The blindfolded player can ask the hidden players to clap their hands up to three times at different times during the game to get their bearings. When a player is hit, they are eliminated.

The thread to follow: the most unmissable of all party games

This is a course to be done blindfolded (bring a cloth to blindfold) with a rope as a guide, possibly held by a carabiner.

First of all, a rope is stretched like a “breadcrumb trail”  and laid out to create an obstacle course:

  • The rope goes up high enough or down to the ground
  • The rope goes around a tree
  • The rope passes under a bench or a pole
  • The rope goes through a tube

Then, blindfolded, each player of the team must – in turn and in a minimum of time – cross a timed obstacle course without ever letting go of the rope.

The first team to complete the entire relay will win the race.

Check out all our treasure hunt games to liven up a birthday party for children from 4 to 12 years old.

Treasure hunt for kids


You will need a helium-filled balloon on a string for each child attending the party. Tape the balloons to the ground from several feet away. You can draw a ninja mask on each balloon to make them look like a character.

The mission is to see if the little ninjas can hit the balloon ninja in the head or face, but they must say Hai-Ya! or this attempt doesn’t count.

Water Straw Race

If the weather is nice, you can set up this game outside.

Each team must – in a minimum of time – fill a container with water to a certain level.

To achieve this, each player in the team must – in turn and in a minimum of time – suck water with a straw into a filled container and overcome a series of obstacles, while preserving the maximum amount of water in the straw. When the player reaches the end of the course, he/she pours the remaining water into the empty container, returns to the starting point and passes the baton to the next player who starts the course again with his/her straw. It is forbidden to place the finger under the straw, which must be blocked with the tongue.

The first team to have filled the container to the required level will win the race.

Water gun shooting

The aim of the game is to knock down ping-pong balls placed on bottle necks using a water gun. 

Equipped with a water pistol, the player takes position behind a line, he has a maximum of 3 shots to try to knock down one or more ping-pong balls placed on the necks of bottles filled with water. Depending on his age, the player takes place on a starting line more or less distant from the target. 

Depending on the number of balls knocked down, the player is awarded a certain number of points.

ninja party games


For this game you will need: chopsticks, a timer and a bucket. Have the children form teams and give each child a pair of chopsticks. Place several small objects, such as a marshmallow, a cotton ball, a fake fly, marbles, etc., on a table in front of each group.

The object of the game is to pick up as many objects as possible with the chopsticks and put them in the team’s basket. The team that has the most objects after 2 minutes wins.

Ninja Killer

All the children walk as the ninja Killer kills them with a wink.

One child is designated to be the spy and walks away. Another child is then designated to be the ninja Killer.

The spy returns to the group and the children all start walking. When the killer winks, the child who receives the wink falls to the ground, as if dead. Then he/she will sit outside the play area. The spy must observe and deduce who the killer is.

Chopstick Relay

Have children pair up. Give each pair a small marshmallow and a pair of chopsticks. The object of the game is to work together. Each child will hold a chopstick and work together to pick up the marshmallow and carry it across the room and back without dropping it. This game requires a lot of patience and teamwork.

Take a look at our police investigation games to organize a great detective game!

Police investigation for kids

The ninja leader

Players stand in a circle. The adult chooses a spy from among them, who moves far enough away that he or she cannot see or hear the rest of the group. Meanwhile, the other players decide – discreetly – who among them will be the ninja leader.

The spy is then invited to join the center of the circle. From then on, the ninja leader successively mimes different ninja positions or movements (clapping, kneeling, blinking, etc.) and his gestures are immediately imitated by the other players who observe him discreetly.

The spy observes and notes the changes in position. When he thinks he has unmasked the ninja leader who caused the changes, he points to him. The spy is allowed a maximum of 3 tries.

The master says

This game requires a good ear. A parent can play the role of the master or a child can be chosen. The master will stand in front of the group and assume different ninja positions. He will say “Move like a ninja master” and change positions. Sometimes he forgets to say “Ninja”. Anyone who changes position without the word “Ninja” being said is eliminated. The last person left standing becomes the Ninja Master.

Ninja fight

The goal of the game is to make your opponent leave the circle drawn or represented on the ground. 

Two players stand in the middle of a circle. On the leader’s command, they must push each other to try to make their opponent leave the circle. The first player to step outside loses.

The winning player is the one who manages to stay in the circle the longest.

And why not organize a home escape room to celebrate your child’s birthday with friends?

Escape games for kids

The spider web

You can use ribbon or string. Pass the string or ribbon from one side of the room to the other, in different directions and at different heights. This will require the children to walk through an area without touching a string stretched between several fixed points. You can add bells to the string. As soon as a child touches the string, the bell will make a sound to let you know that the child has touched the string.

The little ninjas will have to get through the string maze by ducking and dodging. They must pass through the ropes without touching or tearing them.

An obstacle course for girls and boys!

This theme is neither too girly nor too sporty. Boys and girls can have fun on ninja warrior obstacles. Plus, do you know a child who wouldn’t want to be a ninja for a day?

This birthday party is the perfect opportunity for your child to be part of a special group of ninjas and have everyone test their agility on the obstacles. To do this, create a course using items you have at home. The goal is for the kids to jump, crawl and move through the various obstacles like a real ninja.

The NINJA pinata: the most fun of all party games

The pinata game is always a huge hit at birthday parties. Choose a pinata that fits your theme. The children will have to hit the pinata with a stick, blindfolded and guided only by the sound of the voice of their friends. They will take turns hitting the pinata until it breaks, letting out the treats and treasures you have hidden inside.

Pin the Ninja Mask: traditional birthday party game

This game is identical to the famous donkey tail game. But here, you will have to pin the ninja mask on the head of a character drawn on a poster.

Place a poster on the wall with a picture of a ninja (without a mask). Hand out a paper mask to each child and put a piece of tape behind it. The children take turns placing the mask on the ninja’s head, but must do so blindfolded, guided by the directions of their classmates.

The one who places the mask on the character the best wins the game.  

All these ninja party games will make your birthday a real success. A Ninja themed birthday party is a great idea and will allow the kids to do many fun activities that will allow them to let off steam. Don’t hesitate to discover all our other game themes available to easily animate a birthday party or any gathering of children from 4 to 12 years old. Moreover, take a look at our website which lists all the ideas of games for children’s parties. Get a lot of great ideas!

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