Pokemon party games

Specialist in animation for children, discover here all our ideas of games to organize a Pokemon birthday party.

Now that the invitations are out, your child’s Pokemon-themed birthday party is taking shape. However, you still have to decide what activities you’re going to offer your child and his friends to keep them busy during the party. They like to have fun together, but also enjoy some quiet time to let their creativity flow. We’ve come up with some ideas for Pokémon birthday activities to make the party memorable.

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Treasure hunt for kids

Pokemon birthday activities

As soon as they arrive, the apprentice trainers will want to play with Pokemon, especially if you’ve set the mood of your party room with a successful Pokemon birthday decoration. Give them a few minutes to get together – they must be so excited to celebrate! Then gather them together to have fun with their favorite pocket monsters.

Pokemon hunt: find them all!

The Pokemon hunt is a classic Pokemon birthday game that kids love. It requires a little bit of organization, but you’ll be rewarded by the shouts of joy from the kids.

The goal is to find as many Pokemon as possible that you have scattered around your house before the party. This works with your child’s Pokemon figures, printed pictures or cards made with Pokemon stickers. The most important thing is to have enough of them so that the kids don’t get bored during the animation. You will also need to prepare lists of Pokemon to be found, on which participants can check off the ones they have seen during the hunt. Guests can play alone or in teams. The first to find all the Pokemon wins!

Pokemon wearable Guessing game: the Pokemon birthday activity for experienced trainers

The Pokemon guessing game is also a fun birthday activity that kids love, especially when it allows them to practice their Pokemon knowledge!

Make cards by gluing pictures (printed or sticker) onto cardboard rectangles cut to the size of playing cards. You can also use your child’s Pokemon cards (if they are willing to lend them to you!).

To play, each child will draw a card, stick it in his or her headbands face up for the other participants to see, and try to guess the Pokemon with which he or she is affixed by asking questions.

Pokemon birthday party ideas

Give Pikachu his tail back: the funniest of Pokemon party games

Pin on Pikachu’s tail!

It wouldn’t be a kids’ party without pinning a tail on something! This game is a variation of the game: “pin the tail of the don key”. But here, the blindfolded children will have to pin the tail of the famous Pikachu, guided by the voice of their friends!

Here is a birthday animation that should cause a lot of laughter!

It’s simply the “donkey’s tail” game reworked into a Pokemon version, with the most famous Pokemon.

If you want to make the game yourself, you’ll need a large picture of Pikachu to hang on a wall or door. Reproduce Pikachu’s tail on a piece of cardboard with paint.

At the birthday party, the children will have to try to position Pikachu’s tail blindfolded, using the directions of the other guests.

The Pokemon Tin Can Bowling : the must-have of Pokemon party games

If you have the space or access to an outdoor area, you can offer a Pokemon Tin Can Bowling to your apprentice trainers. Kids love this birthday game – for once, they’re allowed to drop things without being scolded!

You’ll need cans or large plastic cups to stick Pokemon stickers on. Arrange them in a pyramid on a table.

The kids will try to knock them down with Pokéballs. These can be foam balls or Styrofoam balls painted like Pokeballs.

Whoever knocks over all the Pokemon wins the game!

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The pokeball race

You’ve probably heard of the egg-in-a-spoon relay game. Here, replace the egg with a pokeball. Divide the children into 2 teams. Give each child a spoon and a pokeball (ping-pong ball painted red and black). The children will have to go back and forth without dropping their pokeball from their spoon, tapping their partner’s hand who will then complete the same journey. The first team to finish the relay wins.

Pokeballs Throwing

Players divide into teams of two and compete to see who can collect the most pokeballs.

First, you must create two dozen pokeballs.  To do this, use ping pong balls and red and black markers. Give one player on each team a spoon and the other a baseball cap.

Sit the players on each team facing each other – spoons on one side, caps on the other. Place a bowl with all the pokeballs on the side of the players with the spoons.

At the beginning of the Go, the players with the plastic spoons take a pokeball and use the spoon to try to throw as many pokeballs into their teammates’ caps.

After one minute, the team with the most pokeballs in their hat wins!  Play multiple times or organize a tournament.

Balloons Burst

Take Pokemon colored balloons (red, white, blue, orange and yellow) and put a Pokemon tattoo in each one. Inflate them and spread them around the play area.Have the kids pop the balloons with their feet. Whoever pops the most balloons and collects the most tattoos, wins.  You don’t need any other gifts for this game. The tattoos will be enough motivation.

Pokemon party games

Team Rocket Shooting Practice: the most skillful of Pokemon party games

Kids will love this Pokemon party game idea. Print out a picture of the Rocket Team (characters from the Pokemon TV series) and stick it behind a glass, such as a window. Kids use a suction cup gun to shoot darts at the Rocket Team as a target.

Musical chairs

Yes, good old musical chairs, but these are especially fun with the Pokemon soundtrack! Play the game as you normally would, but each time a child is eliminated, they get to choose the next song that plays.

Pokemon Attack: the craziest of Pokemon party games

Play this game in the backyard, setting up a few water-type Pokemon as targets, using rarer, fully evolved Pokemon for more difficult targets. Hand out water bombs (small balloons filled with water) like Pokeballs and challenge each trainer to “catch” as many as possible by hitting the target.

Creative activities

After they’ve had their fun chasing Pokemon, set the kids up around the birthday table and have a nice birthday snack. The children will then enjoy some more peaceful activities, where they can express their imagination. Here are some ideas for activities to keep them busy while staying in the Pokémon universe..

Create your own Pokeball

We mainly know Sacha’s red, white and black Pokeball, but there are many other models! This workshop will allow kids to create the Pokeball that looks like them, simply with paint and polystyrene balls.

Give them paint, brushes and Styrofoam balls and let their creativity amaze you. Don’t forget to give everyone their own Pokeball in their bag of goodies at the end of the birthday party.

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Escape games for kids

Imagine your Pokemon: the funniest of Pokemon party games

These apprentice trainers will also be delighted to imagine their Pokemon. Color, shape, or evolution, everything remains to be created! Besides, kids love to draw.

Nothing could be easier: you just have to provide them with paper and pencils. Depending on the age of the children, they may need your help to translate their imagination into drawings. Tell them to work hard, because you have a great surprise in store for them.

Officially bring your new Pokemon to life!

It would be a shame not to bring these new Pokemon to life. The kids certainly have a lot to say about the Pokemon they’ve imagined. It probably has a name and special abilities.

You’ll want to immortalize it with your own Pokemon card! To do this, you’ll need a printer and some thick paper to keep the card stiff.

Take a picture of the Pokemon you want to create a card for and go to the mypokecard website. Insert the picture and ask the little creator to dictate the information of his Pokemon.

All you have to do is print this unique card and give it to its lucky owner. You will make people happy!

Turn into a Pokemon

You can also have the kids dress up in costumes. With a little makeup, turn their faces into fearsome Pokemon.

Choose non-toxic makeup that can be washed off to avoid allergies, and recreate the Pokemon chosen by the guest. You can use Pokemon cards to help you reproduce the details of the selected Pokemon.

You will only be able to put on one child at a time, so make sure that an adult can keep the other guests busy during this time.

Afterwards, a nice group photo in the middle of your birthday decor is a must. Arrange the kids near your party decor, especially if you bought Pokemon balloons!

The world of Pokemon is great to have fun and let your imagination run wild. There are so many ways to organize the most fun Pokemon birthday activities. It’s an unforgettable moment. Don’t forget to capture the joy on your apprentice trainers’ faces!

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