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Coded Alphabet ideas

Coded alphabet is a great way to create various puzzles for your treasure hunt, investigation and escape game. Children love to solve these different puzzles. We will discover here a large number of coded alphabets. We won’t be able to see them all because there are so many of them. However, we will try to see the main ones and discover different types for different age groups.

Police investigation for kids

Color Coded Alphabet

The principle is simple. The goal here is to replace the alphabet by a color. Each color represents a letter of the alphabet. By replacing it with the appropriate letter, then your child will discover a word or a sentence that will serve as a clue in your great adventure game.

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Caesar Alphabet or shifted Alphabet Code

This alphabet consists of shifting each letter of the alphabet by a certain number of letters.

Thus a letter is replaced by another letter but always by one located at the same rank of difference. It is thus necessary to apply the same shift to all the letters.

So if you shift 3 rows then A = D, B=E and so on. This code is quite simple to set up and can be presented in the form of a table or a wheel.

Symbol coded alphabet

Here each letter of the alphabet will be replaced by a symbol. This can be a neutral symbol or you can choose objects related to the theme of your game.

For example, for the Christmas theme, the symbols used are objects related to the Christmas party. This can be done for the pirate, princess or any other theme of your choice.

Depending on the age of the children, the alphabet will be more or less complex. You can use only the letters that will be needed to form the word, especially for younger children, or make a table with the whole alphabet with symbols that can be almost similar for older children. The latter, which is more complex, will be more confusing and requires special attention and a great sense of observation.

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Coded alphabet with combination of drawings

A little more complex than the previous one, this alphabet requires to read cross data in a table and to combine 2 drawings between them to find the corresponding letter.

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Braille Code Alphabet

This coding system was invented by Louis Braille who had lost his sight following an accident. He therefore developed a writing system for blind people with the help of highlighted dots. These points represent a letter of the alphabet… You can easily use this code to help children discover a new clue.

Morse code alphabet

Morse code is an international code where each letter is represented by a series of short or long impulses, whether produced by signs, gestures, sounds or light. It is very nice to use this code in treasure hunt games or other adventure games. Each series of dots and strokes represents a letter that the child will have to find in order to form a word or a sentence.

Morse code alphabet

Pigpen Cipher

This code dates back to the time of the Freemasons. It is a geometric simple substitution cipher, which exchanges letters for symbols which are fragments of a grid. The alphabet is coded in grids in 2 groups of 9 letters and 2 groups of 4 letters. By using the outline of the box in which the letter is located you can write a real coded message. The advantage is that the child will first have to rack his brain to understand how this code works before solving it.

Detective mystery game secret code

Dancing Men

This alphabet comes from the famous adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle.The dancing men is one of the 56 short stories featuring this famous detective.  This adventure is based on a cryptographic enigma. The detective will have to discover the meaning of these drawings in the form of characters waving their arms and legs. These characters have given their name to this alphabet which is now well known and used to create real puzzles worthy of a real detective.

Dancing men code

Sign language code

Sign language is the method used by deaf and hard of hearing people to communicate. Each letter of the alphabet is here replaced by a gesture made with the hands.

Hieroglyphic coded Alphabet

If you create a game on the ancient theme then consider using the alphabet with hieroglyphics. Each letter is replaced by a hieroglyph which is really ideal to create a puzzle about ancient Egypt for example.

hieroglyphic code alphabet

Matoran Alphabet

The Matoran alphabet is a system of written language used in the universe of the Matoran, these bionic beings. It uses a system of circles, points and lines. Each symbol thus created corresponds to a letter of our Latin alphabet.

Matoran alphabet

Number Coded Alphabet

Here, the numbers 2 to 2 must be read, because each number read corresponds to the place where the letter is in the alphabet.

For example the 06 corresponds to the place of the F in the alphabet.

A series of numbers will therefore be proposed to the children and it is up to them to replace each number composed of 2 digits by the corresponding letter according to its position in the alphabet.

Number code alphabet

Operation coded alphabet

This coded alphabet is based on numbers. But this time each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a number which itself corresponds to the result of an operation.

The child will therefore have to solve the operations, find the result of each of them and look at which letter of the alphabet the found result corresponds to. The letters put end to end will form a word or a sentence that will serve as a clue for your puzzle game.

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Runic Code Alphabet

The runic alphabet or “futhark” is an alphabet that was used for writing Germanic languages by peoples such as the Scandinavians, Anglo-Saxons. The runes were therefore used at the time of our dear Vikings. We can notice that runes never have a horizontal line.

Viking printable game kit : runic alphabet

There are many other types of coded alphabets. But there are already here many ideas to create secret codes, various and varied coded messages for your children. Now you have many ideas to start creating a great adventure game for your child.

Children love to decipher codes and find clues to solve a mystery. Coded alphabets have been around for centuries and and will always appealing to children…

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