Christmas party games for kids

Christmas party games for kids

We will share in this article the best ideas for Christmas party games for kids.

No matter the age of the children, everyone appreciates the implementation of games to celebrate Christmas in a different way.

These games can be made in family but they will be perfect to animate a children’s party with a Christmas theme.

Depending on the type of party you have planned and the age of the children, you will find among all these game ideas, the ones that suit you best.

Indeed, Christmas is a family celebration and it is the time to spend quality time with your family. It’s also a nice time to invite your friends home and have fun with Christmas-themed activities.

Christmas party games for kids to print

Christmas treasure hunts, investigations and escape rooms: the greatest Christmas party games for kids

For a successful Christmas, organize a great adventure game at home: a treasure hunt, an investigation or an escape room to celebrate Christmas.

Then, discover our treasure hunt where children will have to help Santa Claus in person to find the lost gifts.

Christmas party game for kids: Xmas treasure hunt

You can opt for our escape room where the elf-in-chief has lost his memory by bumping his head. He can’t remember where he put Santa’s precious list. The tour starts in 1H30! You only have little time left to find it!

Home escape room for Christmas

Finally discover our great Christmas investigation: the children receive a letter from Santa himself! During his big tour on December 24th, back to his sleigh, the reindeer disappeared. The head elf has already drawn up a first list of suspects! Lead the investigation quickly!

Christmas mystery game kit to print for kids aged 6-7 years

Christmas question game

This is a fun little game to play with family or friends and to liven up your evenings around the fir tree and the fireplace.

Prepare a list of Christmas items on pieces of paper. One child will have to pick a word and the other players will have to guess what it is.

Everyone will then have to ask questions to get clues about the object. However, the child will only have to answer yes or no to the questions asked.

Only a maximum of 20 questions can be asked. Whoever finds the right answer will draw a new piece of paper and it is up to him or her to make children guess the next word.

Christmas Charades

Organize a mimic game but using only words, actions related to the Christmas party.

Make 2 separate teams. Prepare a list of words in advance.

In turn, one member of each team will have to pick up a piece of paper and make the others guess what it is all about by making only gestures. The team has 2 minutes to find the word. If they succeed, they score 1 point. If it does not succeed, the second team has the right to make a proposal. If they are right, then they score 1 point.  If neither of the two teams find the right answer, then nobody scores a point.

Christmas party games for kids: Xmas Charades

Stocking guessing game

Put items in a Christmas stocking and tie it with a ribbon to keep it closed. Do not let anyone see what is inside. The children sit in a circle. Take turns passing the sock to the children. Each child will be able to touch and manipulate the sock to try to guess what’s inside.

Hand out sheets of paper for each child to write down their guesses. The person who guesses the most objects wins the game.

Christmas Stocking Guessing game

Christmas musical chair game

Simply add Christmas music and play the traditional game with one missing chair. The children circle around chairs to the rhythm of the music. When the music stops, children must quickly sit down on a chair knowing that there is always one chair less than the number of children. Whoever does not have a chair is eliminated.

Pin the nose on Rudolph

Here, it is a question of setting up the famous game of “the tail of the donkey” in its Christmas version. Draw or print a reindeer and place it on the wall. Prepare pieces of red and rounded paper to imitate the reindeer’s nose. Have a piece of dough fixed to hold it on the sheet of paper hanging on the wall. Blindfold a child. He will have to turn twice on himself before trying to hang Rudolph’s nose as well as possible. The blindfolded child can be guided by the oral indications of his classmates.

Remember to put the name of each child on the nose he has to pin. It is then the turn of the next child. The child with the best nose placement wins the game.

Santa’s friends

Hide in the room small plastic figurines representing elves, reindeer, a snowman and all Santa’s other friends. The children will then have to search the house for these little characters. Whoever brings the most wins the game. Adapt the rules and the game escape according to the age of the children.

Who am I ?

Ask each participant to fill out a fun questionnaire with questions such as :

  • What is your favorite color?
  • What food do you hate?
  • What gift would you like for Christmas?
  • Do you have any pets?
  • What is your favorite subject at school?
  • What is your favorite sport? …

Once all of the children have answered all of these questions individually, take the quizzes again, mix them together and redistribute them randomly.

Each child will have to read aloud the questions and answers that have been written down. The children will then have to guess who it is from the answers given.

For each correct answer, the child scores 1 point. The child with the most points wins.

The endless Christmas Story: the quietest activity of Christmas party games for kids

This is a calm and fun game to play with children. The aim of the game is simple. A child is going to start a story on the theme of Christmas. He will only have to say the first sentence. Then the second child has to repeat the first sentence and invent a second one. The next child will have to repeat the first two sentences and invent a third one, and so on.

As soon as a child makes a mistake or forgets a word, he is eliminated. The last child who manages to repeat the sentences from the beginning of the story without making a mistake wins.

Gift Wrap-up

Ask the children to get into pairs. Then tie the first child’s right hand to the second child’s left hand. Provide each pair with a box, gift wrap and tape. Each group should wrap the gift using their free hands. The best wrapped gift will win their team!

The Christmas Carols Quiz

Plan to have the children listen to some of the most popular Christmas carols. They are very easy to find on the internet. Turn on the music. Depending on the age of the children, you can play in different ways:

  • Ask them to find the title of the song
  • Or stop the music and ask the children to find the rest of the lyrics.

Santa says

I will not explain the rules of the famous game “Simon says” … It will suffice here to change the word “Simon” by that of “Santa”.

Christmas ball on a spoon

You surely know the relay where you have to make a marked path with an egg on a spoon. Replace the egg here with a Christmas ornament: a Christmas ball! Form 2 teams, the children will have to do the route with the Christmas ball on the spoon. If the ball falls down, the child must start over again from scratch. The first team to complete the race wins.

The Santa Claus disguise: the funniest activity of Christmas party games for kids

Provide materials for the children such as crepe paper, bobbles, ribbons, tape, cotton… Make several teams. In each team, designate one child to play the role of Santa Claus. The other children will have to make him the most beautiful disguise. At the end, the Santa Claus who will be the most beautiful will make his team win.

Christmas Can Knock Down

Plan a game that you have prepared in advance. Just keep your large cans and decorate them with Christmas characters (Santa Claus, snowman, elf). Then the rules of the traditional game apply. The child has 3 or 4 throws to knock down the pyramid that you will have formed with your cans.

Christmas minute to Win it: the most traditional activity of Christmas party games for kids

The goal of this game is to organize small challenges. Plan in advance a series of small games to offer to the children. They will each have 1 minute to complete the challenge. The child who succeeds the most challenges in the end will win the game.

The small challenges can be of any kind:

  • Place candy on a plate. Cover them with whipped cream. The children will have to take as many candies off the plate as possible.
  • Make guess 5 mimes in 1 minute.
  • Transfer seeds from one plate to another using a straw.
  • Hold a feather in the air with his breath as long as possible.
  • Drop a ping-pong ball on top of a bottle with a blowgun.
  • Draw a Christmas object with a pencil held by the mouth .

The human Christmas tree

Form at least 2 teams. In each of them a child will be designated to play the role of the Christmas tree. The other children will have to use the decorations at their disposal to decorate the child as a tree … The adult or a group of judges will deliberate to say which tree is the most beautiful! You can give a time limit for this game…

A to Z Christmas Holiday: the most studious activity of Christmas party games for kids

This is a calm and fun game to discover the vocabulary of Christmas. Form teams of 2 to 5 children… Give each team a sheet of paper on which the letters of the alphabet are written vertically. The children will have to find a word related to Christmas for each letter of the alphabet. The first team to fill in their sheet wins the game. You can also choose to time the game. The team that has found the most words in the allotted time wins!

A to Z Christmas Holiday

The gift relay

Make two teams. Place 2 tables at a distance of about 5 meters or more. Each team places itself on one side of the table. Give each team a dozen wrapped gifts (you can wrap different sizes of empty boxes). The children will have to do a relay. The first child will take a gift, go to the other table and come back. He will then give his gift to the next child who will have to put a second one on top of it, go to the table and come back, give his two gifts to the next child who will also have to put a third one on top of it to make the race and so on until the children made the course with the 10 packages stacked without dropping them. The first team to complete the entire course with its 10 gifts wins the game. Beware, you need a bit of strategy in the way you place the presents in the stack for transport .

The penguin relay

Define a start line and a finish line. Form 2 teams.
Inflate and give a balloon to each team. The children will have to do the course in the manner of a penguin with the balloon between their legs. If the balloon falls, the child will have to start the course all over again. The first team to complete the course wins the game.

Christmas maze: the most original activity of Christmas party games for kids

This is a fun little game to do with young children. Provide a ball of wool. At the end of the ball attach a small gift that you will hide in a drawer or under the pillow for example. At the other end attach a pencil. Give the end of the ball with the pencil to the child. He will have to follow the thread by wrapping it around the pencil and pass from piece to piece following the woollen thread to find the small gift hidden at the end of it. When there are several children, do not hesitate to cross the threads of the ball.

Tips for a successful Christmas animation

– Get everyone involved

Plan games adapted to your audience. If necessary, change the rules to make the game age-appropriate. The goal is for everyone to participate and no one to be left out. Therefore, there should be games and activities for all styles and ages.

– Clear rules

Make sure you specify the instructions for each little game set up for the children to avoid confusion.

– Small prizes to be won

Provide small prizes for the winner of each game but also consolation prizes. The goal is for each child to leave with small gifts and souvenirs of the day.

– Take pictures

With family or friends, these festive moments are to be immortalized. Keep precious memories of these moments of play by taking pictures. You can then send a nice souvenir photo to each participant.

The Christmas season is a time for sharing and great mood. Whether it is with family or friends, all these little ones can be adapted to spend a pleasant moment around games, activities and entertainment on the theme of Christmas.

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