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The treasure hunt is the game of the moment that is experiencing a strong interest! It is very appreciated by children who are thrilled to have a great adventure and go in search of a hidden treasure or to put themselves in the shoes of a detective to solve a new mystery! How to organize a treasure hunt with our game kits?

Indeed, with our game kits to print, these games are now within the reach of all and can be easily set up in all types of place.

A real support for your animation:

With our ready to print kits, it will only take you about twenty minutes to organize a great game like treasure hunt, police investigation or escape game. Immediately receive the complete set and go on an adventure.

The adult will of course have to be present throughout the game as organizer and facilitator of the activity. You have everything to set up this life-size animation. Our kit will support you for a successful activity for any occasion.

After having gathered the children, you will read them the beginning of the story. It will allow children to discover and enter the game on the theme you have previously chosen.To progress in the game, children will have to go in search of different puzzles (a dozen per game) that you have previously hidden away from prying eyes.Each game has an average of ten riddles to solve. You have 10 hiding places to find in your game space.For each of these 10 clues, there are two main steps: the search for the enigma and its resolution.

cowboy-themed treasure hunt for an entertaining kids activity

How it works?

Our treasure hunt game kits allow you to quickly set up an unforgettable adventure for kids birthday parties or family leisure activities.

All our print and play kits are turnkey. In each kit you will find a sheet of follow-up, the story-line and the outcome, themed group activities. A dozen of clues, riddles and challenges, and all the explanations for you, parents, to become a real organizer, are included. You will find a diploma to personalize to congratulate children on their success.

Choose your game among a large choice of great and amazing adventures. Our games are so fun and colourful, perfect designed by an early-childhood professional, for an entertaining and successful activity to throw the best birthday party ever for your kids.

Discover a fun concept of games to print, quickly to set up:

  • Choose your game
  • Download and print it in one click
  • Let’s play !

Playful games for child’s birthday party! Our games can be played indoors or outdoors!

Superhero treasure hunt game for kids aged 4-5 years.

The hiding places :

During the preparation time of your treasure hunt, you will have to find a different hiding place for each clue of the game. In our kit, you will find a sheet with hiding places ideas indoors and outdoors. Write the hiding places you have chosen in your sheet of follow-up given with your game file.

The riddles and the challenges:

The dozen riddles and challenges represent the story-line of the game!

After finding the hidden clue, the children will have to solve what is written on their paper. It can be a group challenge, a riddle to solve: charades, rebuses, labyrinths, crosswords, coded games or encrypted sentences, and much more.

Once the puzzle is resolved, the children return to the adult. He validates their test. If the answer is the right one, then he will send them in search of the next riddle and so on! The adult is there as a guarantor of the smooth running of the game. He validates the answers, directs the children and helps them if necessary in the search and the solving of the puzzles. It helps them if they ever need a little help! The aim is not to penalize them but to direct them so that they can continue to progress in the game. For 4-5-year-old-children who can not read yet, you will need to read each clue and riddle. The adult will also have to pay attention that each child find his place in the game. Everyone must participate!

The end of the treasure hunt :

The game ends when the children have solved the last puzzle. This allows them to find the location of the treasure (which you will prepare in advance), the culprit or the resolution of a mystery if it is a police investigation. So, you will be able to read to them the outcome of the story… You will also think to print for each child the diploma provided in the file. Give it at children at the end of the game. If the children have found a treasure, they will either have small candies or little toys they will find in the chest that you have hidden … For Detective mystery games, you can offer small bags of candies with their diploma. You are now ready to organize a treasure hunt at home, in the park, in the garden or even at the beach! With our turnkey game kits, you can easily animate a birthday party or a family gathering and celebrate any special events with children.

Fun activity for kids with our indian-themed treasure hunt game

Once you have downloaded the kit, you will get everything you need to organize a treasure hunt. All this in no time!

Begin a new adventure with our treasure hunt games!

To learn more about the organization of a treasure hunt activity, read our guide: How to organize a treasure hunt for your kids?

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