Knight party games

Knight party games to throw a great birthday for kids

Throw a medieval birthday bash for your brave little boy with our Knight Party games! A knight’s birthday is a bit of a must in your child’s life! Indeed, just as princesses or unicorns delight little girls, knights, dragons or pirates will make boys happy.

So discover here how to organize the most beautiful knight birthday party for your child and his friends. A party he will never forget!

The knight theme is a classic! Discover here our “turnkey” treasure hunt games on this theme and a series of ideas for games and activities to set up for children on this theme.

Attention knights ! here we are…

Turnkey Knight games for a simplified organization of your birthday party

Indeed, we are THE specialist in treasure hunts, mystery games and home escape rooms for children. This type of animation can be done at any time of the year but it is true that it is a must during a birthday party. Our game kits can be played alone but don’t they say “the more the merrier? “.

So easily set up a great knight themed treasure hunt game to organize your child’s birthday party. This turnkey game kit will allow parents to organize the party in no time! Children will be thrilled to live a great adventure on a theme they love and where they will become the heroes of the story.

Discover our treasure hunt game kit: “The knights to the rescue of the princess”. In this game, the children will have to find the princess but also a part of the treasure that has been stolen from the royal family.

Print a knights treasure hunt to organize a great birthday party!

In our second game, “The Dragon’s Egg”, children will have to find the stolen egg of the mother dragon in order to keep the peace in this kingdom where dragons and knights have lived in peace for so many years.

Dragon treasure hunt activity for kids

Go to the heart of immersive adventures and discover a fun but also educational game concept that will allow children to live magical moments with friends… And here are more ideas to throw a great birthday with the best knight party games!

Knight decoration for your party

The advantage of organizing a knight birthday party is that it is a traditional theme. Therefore, it is quite easy to find the right decoration for your party. Moreover, in order to create a unique atmosphere 100% adapted to your theme, we have developed a range of birthday party sets to be printed with the effigy of our heroes and game themes.

The little extra touch that will make your party unique!

Knight birthday party set for kids to print.

Games and activities ideas to animate a knight birthday party

Tin can bowling

This game has no secret for anyone. This activity is very popular with children at birthday parties. It is moreover economic and very easy to personalize on the chosen theme. So here simple cans of the same size will do. You will then just have to decorate them with colored sheets of paper. Surround your cans with plain colored paper and glue on each of them colored papers in the shape of shields and that’s it.


The pinata is a fun game for a birthday party. So, adding the pinata game in the shape of a dragon or a knight will give a lot of fun and amusement to all the children present who will be delighted to indulge in this activity in order to get the treats that you will have placed inside.

The magic potion

Imagine that an evil witch has cast a curse on the kingdom of the knights. The only way to free the kingdom is to create a magic potion that will lift the curse.  To do this, make a list beforehand of different elements that the children will have to find in order to make this potion. They will have to go looking for the ingredients on your list. If you wish, you can guide them with a clue to find each element. It can be a riddle, a rebus, a charade… Once the elements are found, the children will have to mix them to create a potion… The goal is to make an edible potion so that the children can then take a sip… and save the kingdom!

A bewitched It game

In this game, there will be one child who will have the role of the wicked witch (or sorcerer) and another who will have the role of the fairy (or magician). Each of the 2 children will have a magic wand. The goal of the wicked witch is to tagg children and touch them with her wand. The children are then frozen. The role of the fairy (or the wizard) is to free the frozen children by tagging them again with her own wand.

Be careful when a child has been tagged 3 times by the witch, he is then eliminated…

You can wait until all the children are frozen or give a time limit to the game…

Have fun with our printable game kits: treasure hunts, escape room sets and mysteries await you!

Treasure hunt for kids

A call to arms

It’s time for battle. Gather the children. Each one will receive a foam sword… You can then organize knight fights with very precise rules to avoid excesses. For example, the goal will be to touch twice the belly of your opponent to win the fight… As the game progresses, the winners will compete against each other until the final winner is crowned.

Rescue the princess

This game is best played outdoors in the summer.

Place 2 chairs a few meters apart. This will be the entrance to the castle. Designate a child to be the dragon: he will have to sit in the middle of the 2 chairs. Provide him with a water gun. Behind him, a few meters away, another child will be the princess and will have to be freed by the other children who will represent the knights. The knights will have to try to pass through the entrance of the castle to free the princess. To do this, they must not be touched by the flames spat out by the dragon. These flames will be represented by the water in the gun. If the child gets wet, then he/she is eliminated. If the child manages to get through without getting wet, then he/she delivers the princess and becomes a dragon in his/her turn.

The knights’ relay

Organize a relay game. The children are knights here and need their horses to get around on their long journeys. Set up an obstacle course with simple equipment you have available and the children will have to complete the course as a relay on the back of their horse. To represent the horses, you can use wooden or plastic sticks that the children can place between their legs.

Musical sword game

Make in advance as many cardboard swords as there are children. This game is derived from the famous game of musical chairs. Here, place the swords in the center of a circle formed by the children. Turn on the music and children must move in a circle to the beat of the music. When the music stops, the children must quickly go and get a sword. Of course, you should always have one less sword than the number of participants. The child who fails to pick up a sword is eliminated from the game and the game continues. The winner is the last child to get the last sword. He or she will then be crowned knight!

I hope all these ideas will help you to organize your birthday party, knight theme. A birthday party is always a great moment for your child. As parents, we always want this special moment to be a success. Celebrating your child’s birthday with his friends will leave wonderful memories for your child and his friends.

Also, don’t hesitate to ask your little guests to come dressed up. Think about the decor of your place. You can also provide background music for the arrival of the children. Finally, why not plan a nice speech to welcome them as it should be with terms of the time!

Discover our website which lists all the game ideas for your birthday parties. Get a lot of great ideas!

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