Fun Easter games for kids

The best Easter games for kids

Here are the Unique Easter Games To Entertain Your Kids This Easter. These Easter games and activities are perfect to liven up your event. The big Easter egg hunt is the traditional game for children to celebrate this event. And kids love it.

But once the egg hunt is over. What to do? Let’s see how many ways there are to keep the fun going while staying in the spirit of the holiday!

Whether you’re hosting Easter outdoors, or even indoors, whether you’re with your family or hosting a children’s party, you’ll find the right game(s) for every type of gathering in the list of ideas below.

So keep the fun going! Easter is far from over! With all these ideas, you’ll easily keep the kids entertained.

Discover all our games to make Eatser more fun!

Easter egg hunt

Live Easter like a real adventure with our games specially designed for kids

Discover our great Easter games to share with family or friends to live original and surprising adventures! This year, Easter will be even more fun with our treasure hunt and investigation!

Thanks to our Easter treasure hunt, you can go in search of eggs by looking for clues and solving riddles that will lead you to the coveted chocolate.

It’s a fun way to search for Easter eggs this year in a more original and playful way!

Easter treasure hunt game for kids aged 6-7 years

Our great Easter investigation “In the Chocolate Kingdom” will make children wait for the big Easter day. Indeed, the head cook is devastated. The precious recipe to make the BEST Easter chocolate has disappeared. The chocolate factory is at a standstill. If work doesn’t resume soon, the eggs won’t be delivered on time and the whole Easter celebration will be in jeopardy. Can you imagine? An Easter party without eggs… The Kingdom of Chocolate opens its doors to you! Lead the investigation! Find the culprit and bring back the recipe. This is the only way to save Easter!

Easter investigation in the Chocolate Kingdom

Easter Games for kids to let off steam

The egg race: it is a very famous game of relay where the children will have to make a course during which they will have to hold a spoon in the hand in which you will deposit an egg. For the older children, it can be real eggs. For the little ones, a plastic egg or a chocolate egg for the occasion will do.

Prepare the relay. The children will be divided into 2 teams. Each child must complete the course once. If the egg falls, the child must start the course over. The first team to finish the course wins the game.

Easter Tag

This game is similar to regular Tag. Except that in this special “Easter” version, children can shout an Easter-related word to avoid being tagged by the It. This one will then be immobilized for 5 seconds before continuing to run. Be careful, each word can only be pronounced once.

Pin the tail of the rabbit

You probably know the famous game : Pin the tail of the donkey!. For Easter, all you have to do is make the same game but with a rabbit.

Draw a large bunny on a piece of cardboard and attach it to the wall. The children, blindfolded, will have to take turns to fix the rabbit’s tail as best as possible. They will be guided by the voices of their classmates. For the tail, prepare pompoms or paper tails of different colors so that each child can recognize his or her own.

Crazy Egg Hunt

Make a traditional egg hunt with eggs to find in the garden. But in this strange hunt, the children will be allowed to steal the eggs… But be careful if the child is caught stealing, then it will be up to him to give one of his eggs to the child who discovered him. The goal is to have as many eggs in the basket as possible at the end of the game. But the children will share the eggs and you can plan a little extra gift for the winner.

Printable Easter Egg treasure hunt for kids

Easter Bocce

Easter-fy this classic outdoor game by using wooden eggs instead of traditional bocce balls. Toss one egg as a marker and then see which player can toss their egg closest to it.

Brain games

Guess how many Easter eggs

At a small party with family or friends, prepare a clear jar containing chocolate eggs of different sizes and colors. Count them as you place them in the jar. Throughout the party, children will come and look at the jar and try to guess how many eggs are inside.

They will write down their name and the number they think is the most accurate on a piece of paper. They will then place them in a box. At the end of the afternoon, gather the children together. Call out the number each child wrote down and then the correct result. The child with the closest number wins the jar with the eggs!

Easter Scrabble

This game is fun and will get the kids thinking while working on vocabulary.

All participants take a paper and pencil.

Choose a group of short words with an Easter theme, such as


Once you have chosen the words you want, everyone writes it at the top of their paper. Then, start the timer for about 2 minutes. The time can be adjusted according to the age of the children.

Everyone should then look for as many words as possible with the letters at the top of their sheet. Whoever finds the most words wins the game.

Easter Tic tac Toe

Your little ones will have a blast playing tic tac toe with bunnies and eggs. The rules remain the same to traditional tic tac toe.

Printable Easter Games for kids

We offer many free printable activities on the theme of Easter. You can keep your kids busy and entertained for hours while staying in the theme of the moment.

Connect the Dots: This is a game that kids love. They will enjoy connecting the dots following a sequence of numbers. They can then color the beautiful picture they have made.

Easter dot to dot

Look and Find: This game is always a hit with kids. They will have to use their observation skills to find the number of drawings hidden in the picture.

Easter search and find

Labyrinth: The success of maze games has been proven. So here, you will have to help our little rabbit to reach his egg! It’s up to you!

free printable game for kids to print about Easter

The differences: the child uses his sense of observation to spot the differences between two pictures. Always the Easter theme of course!

Easter eggs spot the difference game

Crossword and word Search : crossword and word search are fun ways to work on vocabulary and spelling. So why not take advantage of it!

Easter Word Search

Easter sudoku : Let’s work on our logic and deduction skills and try to solve this Easter sudoku !

Easter sudoku puzzle game

Secret codes: children love riddles and secret codes. So, as for all the other themes of the year, we have concocted for you some secret Easter codes!

Easter secret code to print for kids

If the annual egg hunt is the event that children are waiting for and that we can’t miss, there is nevertheless a great multitude of other games to propose to children in order to continue the party and make the pleasure last.

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