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Free Printable Coloring Pages for kids

Coloring pages for kids to print for free on our site. Children (and even adults) love the coloring activity. Indeed, this activity is very relaxing and allows children to practice or develop different skills that will be very useful for their future. Discover in our article the interest of coloring specifically for children, then discover a selection of the most beautiful coloring to offer to your children throughout the year.

Also discover our games of treasure hunts, police investigations and escape games to easily liven up a birthday party.

Treasure hunt for kids from 4 to 12 years old

The interest of the coloring activity for kids


In general, offering an activity always allows your child to discover concepts and learning in a different way, in a less “academic” way. This one learns and retains more easily through play. But the primary goal, at least on our site, is to occupy your children in an entertaining and playful way so that they take maximum pleasure in doing it. The coloring activity is very popular with children. This activity is also widely practiced from kindergarten for the educational aspects that it involves. However, the main thing for us is that the child takes pleasure through an activity that he likes and of which he is interested.

Relaxing activity

Coloring is a relaxing activity. It allows children to relax and that’s why there are now coloring books for adults too. It allows the child to refocus on himself, to find himself in autonomy and alone in front of his drawing and to see the colors little by little mingle with each other in order to make a pretty multicolored drawing appear. It is a moment conducive to calm and serenity where the child will be able to let go… A moment when you think of nothing, a moment just for yourself, of relaxation and pleasure.

Develop creativity

All manual activities allow children to showcase their creativity. Coloring is therefore also part of it. The principle of coloring is a black and white drawing in which the child will color the different parts inside to bring it to life. The child will choose his colors, juxtapose them to make the coloring to his liking. This activity can sometimes be done with a model where the child will have to follow the colors, but most of the time, the child has to use his creativity to get the result that he likes. It is a good way to develop the creativity of the child by not imposing any limits or constraints.

Coloring as a means of expression for kids

This activity allows the child to externalize himself. Indeed, children can express themselves easily mainly through the activity of drawing but also coloring and thus release their emotions, often even unconsciously. The choice of colors is not trivial and reflects the state of mind of the child when he is coloring. Colors have a meaning and the assembly of colors between them as well as the choice of coloring or drawing reflect the feelings of the child presently. Indeed, a child uses on average 4 to 6 colors per drawing. Each color is the symbol, the reflection of an emotion. Blue, red, yellow and green are the 4 main colors used. The younger the child, the more he uses dark colors, especially blue or brown, because these colors simply leave more traces easily on a white sheet. While blue inspires calm, yellow symbolizes the joy of living … Green represents more balance and red dynamism and energy…

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Work fine motor skills

Indeed, from an early age, this activity allows children to hold the pen correctly, which will be very useful later for learning to write. This allows the child to work on fine motor skills both in the grip and holding of the pen and in the movements of the wrist to make the first traces. The child will gradually fluidify his movements and the pencil lines will become finer and finer, no longer go beyond the outlines, the coloring will be softer and the pencil line more secure.

Children immediately develop good posture and the right placement of their fingers so that what requires a certain effort at the start becomes quite natural. In addition, the child learns not to go beyond the lines defined by the drawing, which will be useful when forming letters in the lines or spaces of their writing sheet.

Learning colors

Children can use either colored pencils or felt-tip pens, but anyway, it will be an excellent medium for learning different colors, especially for kindergarten children. Indeed, this is an opportunity to name the colors of each pencil and the colors used by the child to make his beautiful drawing. While having fun, kids will remember each of them and this is a great way to easily remember them. Combine the useful with the pleasant and take advantage of this activity to learn, discover or revise the different colors.

Development of concentration

Indeed, coloring can sometimes take a long time on a child’s scale. Depending on the child’s age, the child will concentrate for a longer or shorter time on the same activity. Coloring requires patience both in the gesture and the thoroughness of the movements as in the complete realization of his work. But seeing his drawing gradually evolve and wanting to finish it to hang it up in his room or to offer it to his parents or other person makes the child want to continue, to persevere and to finish it. He will therefore gradually develop the time to concentrate on the same activity simply because he will want to finish it.

Better self-esteem

Like any work or activity done by a child, it helps to develop their own self-esteem and gain confidence in themselves and their abilities. The child is proud of his result and it is above all the way adults look at this work that will allow the child to be valued. Children can be proud of themselves, of having completed their activity and being happy with their achievement. The child will be able to do this activity on their own, but some will need the adult’s gaze and approval and to be valued for their achievement throughout it. Every child is different and parents are in the best position to know their child and know how to intervene with them when needed.

Free coloring pages for kids

We offer a section of free coloring pages to print for your children. Indeed, these coloring pages are made by us from our heroes and themes from treasure hunts, police investigations and escape games.

You will therefore find many themes intended for children. They will certainly find their happiness among our different coloring pages. From pirates to princesses through fairies and Indians, you will always find on our site, the coloring adapted to the desires of the moment of your child.

coloring page for kids

Here is a selection of coloring that you can find on our website. We need to classify the coloring pages into different categories in order to present them to you. Of course, we are well aware that little girls will love pirate or viking coloring just as much as a little boy will be happy to color a pretty princess for his mom.

These coloring pages are unique because they are created from our own images. You won’t find them anywhere else.

Coloring pages for boys

Thus, pirates, Indians, Vikings, superheroes, knights and fortified castles await you among others on our site… Children will be delighted to find characters, of course from our games, but nothing prevents these coloring pages for kids to be used independently of these at all times: a pirate remains a pirate and a knight remains a knight. You can of course discover our related games, but these coloring pages are at your disposal for your children to enjoy at any time of the year.

Printable coloring page for kids, pirate-themed

Coloring pages for girls

In this category, fairies and princesses will be in the spotlight. You will find many coloring pages that will delight your little girl. Indeed, the star dancer, the princess, the little fairy are among the different coloring pages that you will find online for free on our site.

Printable fairy coloring page for kids

Kids Coloring pages for the major events of the year

Our year is punctuated by major annual festivals such as Halloween, Christmas or Easter. So, for each of these great moments, print the coloring corresponding to that time of year for free… Children will be delighted to color ghosts or the sleigh with Santa Claus… So, no more hesitation, complete themes of coloring pages are at your disposal.

Free christmas coloring for kids

Kids coloring pages for holidays

We’ve released our big summer survey, “Beach Survey.” So we put the associated coloring pages online. So let’s go for ice cream cones, for kids at the beach having fun. Enough to set up a fun activity during the summer holidays and to offer activities related to current events.

Kids at the beach coloring page

You have discovered here that some of the coloring that we offer on our site. We invite you to discover them in more detail. Don’t hesitate to print them: they’re free. And given the benefits of this activity, you might as well not deprive yourself of it. Free Printable Coloring Pages for Kids can be printed and colored in any way you or your child want to. You can draw as you like.

Other activities for children

We have developed a whole range of free printable games for your children. Thus, many fun games to print such as connecting dots, difference games, board games to print, labyrinths and other surprises await you on our site. New activities are offered every week.
Finally, discover our section of educational games always available for free to help your children learn and discover different concepts while having fun.

You will find many magical coloring pages, word games, number games, graphics and even games to learn English. These activities are always presented in an original and fun way to make your child want to do them.

Our site is a comprehensive family-friendly games and activity site so parents can provide their child with rich, interesting and varied activities all year round.

We add new products every week to always offer you more choices. Do not hesitate to leave in comments any ideas for games or activities that you would like to find on our site. We will do our best to offer them if they fall within the framework of our fun concept and easily achievable in a printable version.

Discover all our games and entertainment ideas to keep your children busy during a birthday on our new website: Partygames4kids.

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