Dinosaur party games

Dinosaur party games

The dinosaur theme is an exciting theme that has always appealed to children. So what could be better than throwing a dinosaur-themed birthday party with fun games. There are a lot of activities to do around this theme. In this article, you will find many ideas to organize the most beautiful dinosaur-themed birthday party for your child.

Dinosaur party activity with our printable investigation game

Dinosaur investigation: the funniest party games

Discover our “turnkey” police investigation to easily organize a birthday party at home, indoors or outdoors, thanks to a large investigation on the theme of dinosaurs.
This one exists in two different versions:
– The first for children 6-7 years old
– The second for children from 8 years old

So, if your kid is passionate about dinosaurs, organize this investigation at home with their friends. The child will become a real detective and the hero of the story. In addition, this game is both fun and educational since children will be able to discover and learn more about the fabulous world of dinosaurs. So, go to the Natural History Museum… This investigation is waiting for you.

Look for clues, solve the different puzzles to advance in the game and find the culprit who wants to prevent the opening of this museum.

Print and play Dinosaur mystery party game for kids

Dinosaur party games & activities:

The dinosaur hunt

Discover a fun activity that is sure to please children. Indeed, organize a real dinosaur egg hunt in the garden.
The day before, prepare the dinosaur eggs. It is really simple. Take little plastic dinosaurs, balloons and water.
Place a small dinosaur in a balloon, fill it with water and tie a knot. Place your balloon in the freezer and prepare a dozen or more depending on the number of children, of small dinosaur eggs…
The next day, cut the balloon with scissors and collect the frozen dinosaur eggs.
Leave them in the freezer until the last moment so that they do not melt. Place them discreetly in the garden, 5 minutes before starting the game.
The children will go in search of the eggs… What a wonderful discovery to find dinosaur eggs in the garden. They can choose to let them melt to retrieve the little dinosaur placed inside or they can have fun breaking them… The choice is yours.

Organize a real dinosaur excavation like real archaeologists : the most realistic party games

It is very easy. Provide a box with sand or if you really don’t have one, you can mark out an area in your garden with 4 small wooden sticks forming a square around which you will put a thin cord. This will be the excavation ground. In the sand or in the earth, hide small plastic dinosaurs… You can also hide other small animals other than dinosaurs to complicate the task. Children will only have to collect the dinosaurs.
An activity that is easy to set up and which is always very popular with children.

Dinosaur Can Knock Down

Find out how to make a dinosaur Can Knock Down. The great thing about this game is that you can customize it at will depending on the theme of the party. So, collect baby milk cans or large tin cans and decorate them with dinosaur heads. Children will be delighted to participate in this game and to destroy this pyramid of dinosaurs created for the occasion with bullets.

The dinosaur pinata

You all know the famous game of pinata. So, no doubt, find one in the shape of a dinosaur. Blindfolded children will have to strike the pinata with the help of a stick in order to retrieve what is hidden inside. You will have previously placed candies or small toys and the children will share the loot at the end of the game.
Guaranteed success!

The teeth of the dinosaur

You know the principle of the game: Pin the tail on the donkey. This game can easily be adapted to the theme of your party. So, draw a dinosaur head with its mouth open, but without its teeth on a large white sheet.
Next to it, on another sheet, draw dinosaur teeth at the scale of your drawing. Cut them out…
Plan enough teeth: at least 1 or 2 per child.
The principle: The children will take turns, one by one and will have to place the tooth of the dinosaur as best as possible in the latter’s mouth. But be careful, the child will be blindfolded and he will be guided by the oral instructions of his comrades.
Big laughs guaranteed. Provide fixed pieces of dough to hold the teeth in the dinosaur’s mouth.

The dino-It game

Organize a big outdoor game but dino-style! Plan a dinosaur’s tail of paper for each child in which you will pass a thin rope that will serve as a belt. The child will put on his belt and place the drooping dinosaur tail on his buttocks. The adult will point to the It. This one will have to catch the children but only by pulling on the tail, tearing it as well as the belt. The last child to keep their tail wins.

Where’s the dinosaur?

Here is a fun game that looks like hide and seek but slightly modified.
In fact, we will do the reverse as in a traditional hide and seek. A child will be designated to be the dinosaur and will go and hide alone while the other children will close their eyes and count to 30. The children will then go looking for the dinosaur… When a child finds it, then he has to hide with him and so on…
So there are more and more children hidden with the first dinosaur… The last child who looks for the dinosaur will become dinosaur on the next turn.

The hungry dinosaur

Here is an easy game to prepare and the children will be delighted to throw balls in the mouth of the dinosaur. Indeed, prepare a dinosaur head on a large cardboard box, with its mouth open… Cut out the inside of its mouth: this is the space where the children will have to aim. Explain to the children that this dinosaur is very hungry… They will have to send pieces of meat into its mouth, which you will materialize by tennis balls for example… The goal is to feed the dinosaur and bring it in all the bullets in his mouth.

What if we made real dinosaur fossils?

Here’s how to make dinosaur fossils. Mixe up all of the following ingredients:

  • 2 cups of flour
  • 1 cup of salt
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 cup of ground coffee

You will also need a large salad bowl and small plastic dinosaurs.

Once all the ingredients are mixed, you will get a soft but flexible dough to form imitation pebbles, large ovals. Take a small dinosaur and bury it in the paste that you have obtained by imitating a stone. The dinosaur is therefore hidden inside. Let your stones dry for at least 3 days. When your fossils are dry, you can hide them in the garden so that the children can search for them and discover the little dinosaur hidden inside.

The dinosaur egg game

This is another fun game to play outdoors. In fact, inflate balloons and tie a string around the knot of the balloon. Then tie the other end of this string to the child’s ankle.
Here are the rules: tell the children that they are dinosaurs. Each child must protect his egg represented by the balloon attached to his ankle. The goal is simple, the children must try to destroy the eggs of the other children while protecting their own. To do this, they will have to try to burst their opponent’s balloon with their feet. The last kid to keep his ball, uh his egg, won.

Salt dough activity

This is a quiet activity but one that will keep you in the theme of your child’s birthday party. Indeed, children love manipulative activities like plasticine or salt dough. So, make salt dough ahead of time. On D-Day, you can offer this activity for a return to calm… Children can make dinosaur footprints in salt dough. They will be able to put only the footprints or to put the full and entire body imprint of a small dinosaur in profile.

They will be delighted to bring their little creation home.

The dinosaur decoration

Of course, any birthday party needs decoration. Today is a time of celebration, a day out of the ordinary, so plan a small dinosaur-themed decoration. This theme being quite common, it will be easy for you to find your happiness in party stores without breaking the bank. Find more ideas on Pinterest.
Think of the dinosaur cake. And yes, children are impatiently waiting for the cake moment, the famous moment when the child will be able to blow out his candles, accompanied by the happy song of his comrades: “Happy birthday”.
No need to make tons of it… Make a traditional cake. You’re sure the kids will love it… Just make a green icing sugar icing, arrange some dinosaur figures on the top on the cake!

Dinosaur party games for success of your birthday

Organizing a dinosaur-themed birthday party is a great idea. This exciting theme, rich in discoveries, is sure to please children and allow you to set up various activities that you can easily adapt to each age group.

So with a dinosaur-themed police investigation and complementary activities to keep the kids busy the rest of the afternoon, you’re sure to please and the kids will have a great time with friends.

Discover all our games to easily animate a kids’ birthday party.

Treasure hunt for kids

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