Ballerina party games

If your child is a ballet fan, then try these ballerina party games to make sure your birthday party will please both her and her friends. Organizing a dance themed birthday party is organizing a completely girly party! So the decoration must follow! Pink, white, glitter, we bet on colors that make them dream, to be declined under all the birthday party essentials: balloons, candles, confetti, garlands …

Is your child passionate about classical dance? Dive into the heart of classical dance and organize a unique birthday party where ballet shoes and tutus are highlighted!

Dance Investigation

If you love the theme of ballet and love to solve mysteries and play detective, then make this dance investigation the highlight of your party. The kids will be thrilled to participate together in a great game that will allow them to pool their skills to solve an investigation on the theme of your party! This turnkey game kit is easy to set up and is available for children ages 4-5, 6-7 and 8+.

Dance detective mystery game to print for kids

Ballerina says: the most classic of all party games

To begin, you must designate the leader of the game. He is the one who will give orders to the other participants. The players must face him and follow only the orders preceded by “Ballerina says”. For example: “Ballerina says… raise your arms”, “Ballerina says… jump on the spot”, “Ballerina says… look to the right”…

Be careful! The game master will try to deceive the players by giving orders without saying “Ballerina says”. For example: “I ask you to close your eyes”, “Each player claps his hands three times” … A player who executes an order when the leader has not said “Ballerina says” is eliminated. Moreover, if a player does not execute an order preceded by “Ballerina says” is also eliminated.

The frozen ballerina

The queen of the ballerinas will be “It”. She will have a wand and will have to touch the children with it in order to immobilize them. As soon as a child is tagged, he/she cannot move.

The last child in play is the winner and will become the queen in the next round.

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Treasure hunt for kids

Ballerina’s Frozen Dance

Turn on some classical music and all the children start dancing to the opera tune, as they wish but imitating the ballerina. But be careful, when the music stops, the children must make the statue and stay still until the music starts again.

If a child does not stop in time or moves while there is no music, then he/she is eliminated. He or she will sit on the side. The last child in the game will be the winner.

Ballerina relay race: the craziest of all party games

Divide the guests into teams of 3-4 people each. Ask them to come up with a name for their team, then have everyone put their homemade tutus in a pile in the other side of the room. The relay is done by having each team member tiptoe across the room like a ballerina (only tiptoe!), find their tutu, put it on, do three spins, and then jump like a ballerina (at least three times) to return to the team. The team that finishes first wins.

Ballerina party games

Who is the ballet teacher?

To play this game, choose one player to leave the room. When that player has left, the remaining players choose one person to be the ballet teacher. The girls will dance to ballet music, and the “teacher” will change moves randomly. The other dancers must follow the teacher’s lead and change their moves as well. The trick is to have the other players look at the leader and change moves quickly, so it’s hard to tell who is leading the dance. Bring the other player back into the room and let him watch for a few minutes. Ask him to guess which player is the ballet teacher. If he guesses correctly, he wins a prize.

Musical Tutus

Easy to set up, this musical game will please both children and adults. To start the game, you must first gather a group of participants. The minimum number of players is four, plus the leader. The leader is the person who turns the music on and off, often the adult…. Place tutus on the floor, as many as there are dancers. Turn on the music and the children will dance around the tutus to the beat of the music. But when the music stops, the children will have to grab a tutu as quickly as possible and put it on. The last child dressed in a tutu is eliminated and the game continues. The last child in the game will be the winner.

Ballerina Dance Contest

Be a ballerina teacher for the little ballerinas. Learn a few ballerina steps ahead of time and teach the little ballerinas some ballet positions and basic moves… After that, let the children form groups with the same number of children. Challenge them to do a little choreography and present it to the other groups. Organize a jury to vote for the winning group. Consider providing small prizes for each team.

Pin the ballerina’s tutu: the most timeless of all party games

Play like “Pin the tail of the donkey” game. Find a cute poster or have a life-size ballerina photo enlarged. Before the party, make a tutu shape out of cardstock and glue small pieces of tulle to cover the paper to give the impression of a tutu. Place double-sided tape on the back. One by one, blindfold your guests and let them try to pin the tutu on the ballerina.

The wonderful thing about a ballerina themed birthday party is that it can be held almost anywhere, at home, in the backyard depending on the number of people invited. Ballerina birthday party activities can range from ballet-themed games to an introductory ballet class. You can invite guests to attend the party in their ballerina attire. Guests can also come in t-shirts and leggings while you provide them with a cute tutu to wear throughout the event.

Don’t hesitate to discover all our other game themes available to easily animate a birthday party or any gathering of children from 4 to 12 years old. Moreover, take a look at our website which lists all the ideas of games for children’s parties. Get a lot of great ideas!

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