Alice in Wonderland party games

If you want to organize an Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party, then take a look at our list of games and entertainment ideas for kids. Late, late, Alice’s rabbit runs and Alice runs behind him. In the country imagined by Lewis Carroll, Wonderland, there is a queen of hearts, pink flamingos, a rabbit, a dormouse, a teapot… in short a world of colors and patterns, a wonderful world!

We have put together a list of games on this theme for children that are perfect for an Alice in Wonderland party or a Mad Hatter’s tea party. You’ll easily entertain your guests with all these game ideas!

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Treasure hunt for kids

Play Croquet

The Queen of Hearts plays a fun game of croquet with hedgehogs as balls and flamingos as mallets.To entertain your child and his friends, you too can propose a crazy game of croquet outdoors…

Pin the grin on the Cheshire cat: the most traditional Alice in Wonderland themed party games

This game is based on the donkey’s tail game. Simply draw or print the Cheshire cat and hang it on a wall. Provide extra smiles so that each child has one in his possession. Then the children take turns blindfolded trying to place the cat’s smile closest to their mouth. The child who places the cat’s smile most correctly wins the game and can win a prize.

Make the Cheshire Cat Smile: the funniest Alice in Wonderland themed party games

The goal of this Mad Hatter’s Tea Party game is to make the other players laugh and whoever laughs first loses! Name one person to be “the cat” and it’s up to them to do whatever they can to make the other players laugh. The child can tell jokes, make faces, and do whatever else they can think of, but they are not allowed to touch a player to make them laugh, such as tickling them.

Drawing is winning “imaginary animals”.

Form two teams. One member of each team must make the other members of his or her team guess an imaginary animal that you have asked him or her to draw. His or her team will have to figure out either the name of the imaginary animal or which animals it is made of. But be careful: it is forbidden to draw the two animals separately! For the younger children, just have them draw animals from Alice in Wonderland, like the rabbit, the cat, the caterpillar…

Paint teapots or teacups

How about painting teacups? Provide a space with a table protected by a plastic tablecloth. Organize a painting workshop where the children will have to paint their teacup. They will then have the pleasure of taking it home. Provide white cups and ceramic paint. The children can come to the workshop whenever they want. This is a quieter, more relaxing time that will be greatly appreciated.

Alice in Wonderland party games

Mad Hatter Hat Decorating Contest: the most creative Alice in Wonderland themed party games

Have a contest for the best hat! Purchase a basic top hat for each guest to decorate.  Have a variety of supplies to decorate the hat with: extra wide ribbons, fake flowers, markers, glue, fake feathers. Kids will love to use their imagination to create their own hat. Then organize a vote, for example for the most crazy, the most colorful, the most creative hat…

Follow the white rabbit

One person is designated as the white rabbit and must run and hide. Everyone else must try to find the white rabbit. When someone finds the white rabbit, instead of the rabbit coming out of hiding, the seeker hides with the rabbit.

This continues until everyone but one person is hiding with the white rabbit. When the last person finally finds the hiding place, everyone must point to it and say “Follow the white rabbit.” That person then knows he or she is the new bunny and the game begins again.

The missing object

The children make a round. You will place about ten Alice in Wonderland themed objects in the center of the circle. For example, an old key, a teapot, a rabbit figurine, an oyster shell, a clock… Ask the children to close their eyes. Meanwhile, remove an object. Then the children open their eyes and have to guess which object is missing.

White rabbit sack race

I am late! Yes, this is a good example of the white rabbit! And he is late for the party organized by the mad hatter! So organize a sack race… The first 3 children to cross the finish line will arrive on time for the snack and will be rewarded with little treats. Easy to organize, this game is a must at a birthday party.

“You’re late!” Scavenger Hunt

How about an Alice in Wonderland scavenger hunt? Hide lots of Alice in Wonderland related items such as clocks, tea cups, hats and bunnies, divide the players into two teams and give them 10 min to find as many as possible. The team that finds the most items wins and the losing team receives a token.

Tea Cup Relay

Have 2 teapots and 2 teacups per team. You will place a start and finish line and a table positioned at the start and finish. On the start table is a teapot filled with water and 2 cups and an empty teapot is on the finish table.

In turn, each child in each team fills the two cups with water and carries them to the other table to transfer their contents to the empty teapot, which fills up as it goes along. Then the child returns as quickly as possible to the starting point to give the 2 cups that have been emptied to the next player.

The Mad Hatter’s hat toss

What would an Alice in Wonderland party be without a Mad Hatter game? Give each child a hat. The children stand in a starting line. They must then throw their hat as far as possible. The child who envies their hat the farthest wins the game and can win a prize!

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The Queen of Hearts says: the most essential Alice in Wonderland themed party games

This Alice in Wonderland game is a variation of the classic “Simon says” game! Name one person to be the Queen of Hearts and give the rest of the group instructions such as “The Queen of Hearts says to hop on one leg” and “The Queen of Hearts says to lift one arm”. When the instructions do not begin with “The Queen of Hearts says,” then the children should not obey and should not move. Each child who obeys when they shouldn’t is eliminated from the game and the game continues until there is only one child left who wins the game!

Pin the Tail on the White Rabbit

The next game is “Pin the Tail on the White Rabbit”, a variation of the Donkey Tail game! All you need for this Alice in Wonderland themed game is a large picture of the white rabbit, white mini balloons and double sided tape to stick on your mini balloons. Players take turns being blindfolded and sticking their tails where they want them. Whoever gets closest to the white rabbit’s tail wins!

Teacup Toss

Set up a table covered with teacups and give each player three chances to land a ping pong ball in a cup. If you land one, you stay in the game and if you miss, you’re out. Play until only one person is left in the game! If you don’t have teacups, get plastic cups!

Queen of Hearts Pyramid: the most accurate Alice in Wonderland themed party games

This game is quite complicated and requires a lot of precision. Have the kids form teams of 2, 3 or even 4 kids. Give each team a deck of cards. Each team will have to make the most beautiful pyramid of cards within a set time.

Ready to throw your own Alice in Wonderland party? With all these ideas, you will be able to host an Alice in Wonderland themed kids party easily.

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