Space party games

Space & Astronauts party games

Here’s a complete list of space party games for a real astronaut birthday.

We’ve gathered all our ideas to keep your little cosmonauts busy during your birthday party.

The astronaut birthday theme is the time to conquer the moon or to create a great space mystery game that your future team of cosmonauts will complete!

Don’t be afraid, you don’t have to follow all the steps to the letter, on the contrary, you can take ideas here and there, and organize your own games. First of all it is important to know (roughly) how many astronauts will be in your crew. Then you will have to define the places where the games or activities will take place. If you have cosmonaut costumes it can be even more fun, and even more realistic. 

Space Party Invitations

You can make your own invitations. The space theme is full of creative ideas. So opt for an invitation in the shape of a planet, star or rocket.

You can also purchase beautiful, ready-made space-themed invitations.

You can also use our free downloadable invitations available on our website.

space birthday party invitation

Space great party games as a mystery game or an home escape room

We invite you to discover our different games available on the theme of space. Indeed, lead the investigation through the solar system by discovering why our satellite disappeared from the radar screens. Game available in 4-5 years, 6-7 years and 8 years and more.

Printable adventure game for kids

Live a great escape game adventure at home, with our game “Space mission, collision incoming“. Here, you have 1h30 to succeed in your mission and not the least. A space capsule is in perdition in space. The problem is that it is loaded with plutonium and is heading straight for Earth. You have little time left to avoid impact. Available in ages 8-9 and 10+.

Escape room kit in space for kids to print

Finally, if you want a galactic birthday inspired by the Star Wars universe, then opt for our “Space War” escape game. If wielding a lightsaber and piloting a spaceship doesn’t scare you, then this game is for you. Available in 6-7 years old, 8-9 years old and 10+ years old.

Space war home escape room

Don’t drop the asteroid

In this space themed party game the little space explorers have to keep all the asteroids (balloons) in the air when there is music playing. When the music stops, they grab an asteroid and you name a color. Whoever is holding an asteroid of that color must pop it and complete the challenge that was inside to win a prize. The game continues until all explorers have received a prize.

You need balloons of all colors, and challenges to put inside them before blowing them up.

The challenges should be simple, like:

  • Do the moon walk (not easy to walk like on the moon)
  • Sing your favorite song in a funny voice
  • Say the alphabet backwards
  • Put marshmallows in your mouth and sing happy birthday
  • Turn your hand over your head while rubbing your belly with the other hand.

Space life : great party games

Print and laminate the drawing of the moon and the sun.  Sit in a circle with the children. When you show them the sun, everyone gets up, dances and moves around and when you show them the moon, everyone lies down on the floor and pretends to be asleep. Alternate between the sun and the moon, just to stretch out a little. This little game is perfect for a return to calm after more hectic activities.

The rings of Saturn

Saturn has lost its rings. Place a balloon on the ground to represent the planet. Give the children hoops. They will take turns trying to throw their hoop so that it goes around the ball. Each child who successfully places their hoop around the ball wins a small prize such as candy.

Space party games for kids

Space Gravity

Give each child an inflated balloon. Children draw an astronaut face on the balloon. Let the children fly the balloon through the air like an astronaut. Explain gravity in space.

Star catchers : fun party games

Here is a fun game that will also get the kids out of their seats. Indeed, choose 2 children who will be the star catchers. The other children will be divided into 2 teams. Each team will place themselves on a line opposite the second. The star catchers will stand between these two lines. One of the star catchers will start the game by saying the following sentence. “How many stars will we catch tonight? “. The children will have to reach the opposite line without being caught by the star catchers. When a child is tagged, he/she is eliminated. The last 2 children win the game of becoming the star catchers in the next round.

The space pinata

Prepare a pinata by filling it with candy. The goal is to tap the pinata blindfolded so that it breaks and drops its treasures. The children will go one by one. Each child will be guided to the pinata by the voices of their peers. The game is always more challenging and fun when you rotate the player once or twice before they start.

Musical Planets

For a space version of the traditional game of musical chairs, replace the chairs with “planets. Use colorful balls, basketballs or volleyballs that are strong enough for children to sit on. Line up the balls and have the children walk around the “planets” while the music plays. When the music stops, they must sit on a ball. The player who remains standing is out of the game. Any player who loses their balance and falls off a planet is also out of the game. Continue playing until there is only one player left.

The space course

For a cosmonaut birthday, here is a very nice activity: a course dressed as a cosmonaut (with a fabricated suit or a disposable paint suit). Then make a classic course. At the end of the course, if it was successfully completed, each child would win a small gift.

The program of the course:

  • passing under and over children’s tables
  • walk on a beam balanced on 2 children’s chairs
  • walking with feet on rings placed on the ground (far from each other to make it more difficult)
  • walk on all fours on a quilt filled with balloons and stuffed animals (big hit)
  • passing through inflatable balloons and curtains

Children can complete this course by imitating the gait of a cosmonaut in zero gravity.

Check out our birthday party games to easily liven up a great activity for kids.

Treasure hunt for kids

Solar System Scavenger Hunt Race

Prepare 2 large identical posters with the sun in the center surrounded by lines representing the orbits of the different planets.

Place these 2 posters on a wall or floor side by side. Then prepare 2 copies of the 8 planets of the solar system. Write the names of the planets on the back of each one. Then hide them in your party area.

Then divide the children into 2 teams. They will have to search the room for a complete set of 8 planets. Once the team has retrieved all 8 planets, they go to one of the posters and have to place the planets correctly in their orbit. The first team to put their solar system poster together wins.

Rocks of Mars

In this game, the outer space explorers must try to collect as many Martian rocks as they can. They can run and carry them back to their ship, but they must beware of the Martian. The Martian is guarding the Martian rocks and if he touches an explorer, the explorer must drop the Martian rocks he has and run to the ship. When all the rocks have been collected, the explorers can open them and share the prizes inside.

You need an adult volunteer to do the Martian, a bag of candy and Martian rocks. Martian rocks can be made by wrapping a piece of candy or other prize in foil.

To play the Martian stands in the middle of the play area surrounded by the Martian rocks. The little explorers wait on each side until they hear the word GO. Their ship can be a basket or a bucket to collect their rocks.

Shuttle Launch

Hang a hoop from the ceiling (or on a tree) and provide sheets of paper for children to make their own paper shuttles or planes. They then fly their planes (shuttles) around trying to get them through the hoop. They can start close and work their way out.

Have fun with these space and astronaut games!

Now that you’ve gone through this list of space-themed kids’ party games and activities, you’re all set to throw a great birthday party where the kids are sure to have fun. Also, don’t forget that you can ask guests to bring some of the supplies they’ll need for the activities, and you can ask them to come dressed up or with an accessory to match your party theme.

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