Minecraft party games

Take a look at our selection of Minecraft party games and easily throw the best birthday party for kids and make all your guests happy. What do you think about organizing your child’s birthday party on one of the favorite themes of children: Minecraft.

Are you planning a Minecraft themed party and worried that the kids will sit around playing on their devices for two hours?

Video Game Escape Room: the most popular of all Minecraft party games

Video game fans will love this escape game. Indeed, kids will be trapped into their game. They will have 1h30 to get out of it before the end of the game, remaining prisoner of this one forever.

They will have to pass the 9 levels to get the potion needed to return to the real world.

This escape game exists in versions for 6-7 years old, 8-9 years old and 10 years old and more.

Video game escape room kit

The Diamond Hunt

Before the party, prepare Minecraft diamonds on thick paper sheets and cut them out. Write a number on the back of each diamond that will correspond to a prize/gift. Hide the diamonds all over the playground and have the kids look for them. When all the diamonds have been found, tell the children to come to you to find out which gifts the diamonds they found correspond to.

Pin the tail on a pig: the most traditional of all Minecraft party games

The pig tail game is always a fun activity that kids love. It’s the same rules as the famous game: “Pin the tail of the donkey”

Except that this time you will have to pin the tail of the pig.

You can never go wrong with a classic activity!

Musical TNT

This game is very similar to the classic game of musical chairs. However, instead of starting the game with one less chair than the number of players, you start with an equal number of chairs, but mark one of them with a TNT symbol. The children go around the chairs while the music is playing, and when it stops, they all sit down. The TNT chair “explodes” and the player in it is eliminated from the game. After each round, one chair is removed so that there are always the same number of chairs as there are players, but the TNT chair always remains in play.

A fun option for this game is to hide the TNT tag under the chair and change its location after each round, so the kids never know which chair is exploding.

Minecraft party games and activities for kids

Mining: the most fun of all Minecraft party games

This is a fun relay race that kids of all ages enjoy! Divide the players into two (or more) teams. The goal is for each team to fill their bucket first with sand (or dirt, as desired). Give each team a bucket (or other container) and a large spoon. Place the buckets at least 10 meters from the starting point. At the starting point set up a large plastic container (or small pool) filled with sand. Have teams line up next to each other. One player at a time from each team picks up the spoon, fills it with sand and then walks to the other end of the playing field and puts the sand in his or her team’s bucket, then walks back and gives the spoon to the next player. Continue this until one team has filled their bucket.

Water Reserves

This relay is played almost exactly like the Mining relay (above), but instead of using sand or dirt the players use water. And instead of using a spoon to carry the water into the bucket they use a plastic cup. The fun part is that before the Minecraft birthday party you drill some small holes in the bottom of the cups so that water leaks out when the players try to fill their buckets! Have the cups leak at about the same rate. Or switch cups every 2 minutes.

Variation: this relay can also be done by replacing the cups with sponges, perfect for a Minecraft birthday party with older kids!

Minecraft coloring

Younger kids can do Minecraft coloring at the beginning of the Minecraft birthday party while waiting for all the friends to arrive, or at the end of the party so everyone can calm down a bit.

Minecraft targets

If you have Nerf guns at home, set up some Minecraft-themed targets and have a villain bashing session.

Minecraft birthday party ideas for kids

Wolf Tag

Set up your playing area as a field with parallel lines to delineate the 2 opposite sides of the playing field.

Choose a child to represent Steve. He will stand in the center of the field. The other players will be wolves and will stand on one of the boundary lines of the playground.

The adult gives the start. The wolves will then have to run to the other side of the field without being tagged by Steve.

Each child tagged comes to stand next to Steve and gives him his hand. As the children are tagged, they form a chain… The last child who has not been tagged wins the game.

Pumpkin collecting game

In Minecraft, players must find two pumpkins to make a pumpkin pie. Hide two small pumpkins per player around the party space. A few minutes before serving the birthday cake, tell the guests that they each need to find two pumpkins and bring them to the table to exchange for their piece of cake.

Minecraft video game

A Minecraft birthday party can obviously be a good opportunity to play a little video game. Ideal to wait for friends at the beginning of the party or to calm down after active games.

Quick Build Contest

Prepare Minecraft blocks in advance by reusing cardboard boxes or shoeboxes. Decorate them with pixelated drawings to remind you of the game Minecraft. Form 2 homogeneous teams. Give each team the same set of blocks that you have prepared in advance.

Then explain to the children that they have 5 minutes to make a construction using the blocks. The most beautiful construction wins the contest. Provide small prizes for the children and consolation slots for the other loser. The adult or an older child will be the judge to decide between the 2 teams.

Creepers dance: the craziest of all Minecraft party games

Make a simple game around the musical themes of Minecraft. Start the music and tell the kids to dance, to move, in short to move like creepers ready to explode (yes it explodes creepers in the game!). When the music stops, they have to freeze in place, the one who moves is eliminated or has a forfeit! Restart the music and the children dance again. Each time the music stops, the children who move or do not stop in time are eliminated.

Creeper Pinata

What could be more fun than smashing a real Creeper to bits!

A Creeper pinata is such a cool activity. Not only can kids have fun beating it until candy starts falling out, but it can also serve as the perfect decoration for a Minecraft party.

Make your own Creeper pinata from a cardboard box and cover it with green crepe paper.

Minecraft construction with legos: the most focused of all Minecraft party games

Minecraft also exists in legos. Give the kids a set of minecraft legos and ask them to make the most beautiful construction. Children can play alone or in teams. The most beautiful construction wins the contest and the team or child who built it wins a small prize.

Minecraft heads

Here’s a cool activity idea to do for a Minecraft birthday party, for both young and old!  It’s all about making faces using different colored post-it notes on cardboard squares. Each child can make their own face for a nice group photo.

Moreover, take a look at our website which lists all the ideas of games for children’s parties. Get a lot of great ideas!

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