Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

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What if you changed from the traditional Advent calendar? Waiting for Christmas has never been so enjoyable! Each day, solve the puzzle, find the “ornament” card, savor the chocolate, and place the magical decoration on your calendar… Embark on an exciting 24-day Christmas adventure!

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Puzzle Advent Calendar: Christmas Tree, The Quest for the Magical Ornaments 

In this Puzzle Advent calendar, find the 24 magical ornaments of the Christmas tree that have disappeared. Embark on a grand 24-day adventure while awaiting Christmas! Solve a puzzle each day to discover the 24 magical ornaments and save the magic of Christmas. Rebuild the tree with its decorations on your Advent calendar. Our calendars are the perfect playground for curious minds, combining the joy of tradition with the thrill of adventure. Turn each day before Christmas into a magical and playful moment with our printable Advent calendars!

Puzzle Advent Calendar principle

How about we switch up the traditional Advent calendar? This year, your kids have 24 days to find the 24 magical ornaments of the Christmas tree! Each day, give your child a puzzle to solve. This puzzle will hint at a spot in the house where they will find a chocolate (as a reward for solving the puzzle) and an “Ornament” card. Every day, the corresponding decoration will be stuck onto the Advent calendar provided in the file to reassemble the tree. This will help them count down the days until Christmas in a fun and unique way. With a new puzzle each day, your detective skills will be put to the test to solve the final mystery just in time for Christmas Eve. Get your pencils, taste buds, and detective spirit ready for a daily dose of adventure.


Christmas is in jeopardy because the 24 magical decorations of the tree at the center of Santa’s village have disappeared. Each ornament possesses a unique power, and together on the tree, they hold a much greater power: to illuminate the stars that guide Santa Claus on his journey. Without them, the delivery of gifts becomes impossible. There are 24 days left to find these magical ornaments, rebuild the tree, and save Christmas.

Identification Form & further information

  • Type of game: Puzzle Advent Calendar
  • Theme: The Christmas Tree & The Quest for the Magical Ornaments
  • Play time: A new activity for each of the 24 days leading up to Christmas.
  • Ages: recommended for ages 6 to 10 years old.
  • Number of players: Family-friendly, suitable for both individual and group play within the family.
  • Set up time : Initial setup takes about 20 minutes.
  • Instant Download: After payment confirmation, the file is immediately available. Account holders can access the download link on the Downloads page. Non-account holders will receive a link in the purchase receipt email (please check your junk folder). Note: This product is a digital download only; no physical items will be mailed.
  • Play area : Suitable for indoor play – ideal spaces include living areas, bedrooms, and other safe indoor environments where daily puzzles and clues can be hidden.

The calendar should be printed in color, as some puzzles require it for their solution. Use A4 paper for printing. To save on paper, only print the pages you need; there’s no need to print explanatory texts. Our calendars feature a white background to minimize ink usage, with 12 pages of cutting puzzles, two per page, to reduce paper use.

The file includes everything you need. The only additional items required are scissors and glue, which most households already have. Prepare 24 chocolates to hide along with each clue.

This calendar is perfect for siblings or groups of children to work on together—simply ensure you have one chocolate per child to find. Designed primarily for elementary-aged children, younger kids can join in the fun with assistance from an older sibling to discover the hiding spots.

Printable Advent calendar with puzzles

Content of the Puzzle Advent Calendar

The PDF file includes around twenty pages containing:

  • the explanatory notice
  • the starting story
  • 24 puzzles: one puzzle per day
  • the 24 “Ornament” cards to hide
  • 24 ornaments to stick onto the calendar
  • the solutions to the puzzles and the list of hiding spots for each of them
  • the outcome of the story
  • the Advent calendar where the child will stick the magical ornament collected each day.

Purchase & Instructions

  • Open the file with a PDF viewer, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. If the file does not display correctly, ensure you have the latest version of Acrobat Reader installed.
  • For the full adventure experience, color printing is recommended.
  • Our Print & Play system is straightforward: simply download the file, print the documents, and embark on an unforgettable adventure!
  • You’ll need the following additional equipment: the provided PDF documents, access to a color printer or printing service, a desktop computer with internet connectivity, and writing implements such as pens and pencils.
  • This game is intended for personal use only and is not to be resold, redistributed, or shared. The purchase does not grant any transfer of rights; copyright of Treasure Hunt 4 Kids remains intact. By purchasing this file, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.
  • Please note that instant download items are not eligible for returns, exchanges, or cancellations. However, if there are any issues with your order, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Streamline your party planning with our “ready-to-play” treasure hunt kits and other adventure games that are easy to print at home! Every aspect—from design and narrative to challenges and puzzles—is carefully assembled to guarantee a captivating gaming experience. Our games have been thoroughly enjoyed by children and endorsed by parents for delivering the utmost adventure with minimal setup required.

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    I am really pleased with my purchase. This calendar pleasantly surprised me with its uniqueness and cleverness, as well as how easy it is to set up and its overall content. I can’t wait to start this adventure on December 1st with my children. I am convinced that they will be delighted by the daily puzzles, which will make the Advent season even more magical for them.

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