Superheroes to the rescue! (4-5 years)

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Treasure hunt: “Superheroes to the rescue!”


Here is a superheroes treasure hunt, a new version of a birthday game on the superheroes theme for children of 4-5 years old. Actually, it is both a treasure hunt and a game of investigation that will train the children in the resolution of a puzzle but also in the search for a loot! “Cape Man” is a superhero who dedicates his powers to the protection of his city. This morning, his enemy DOKNOIR has robbed the bank again… The police, who is overwhelmed, has to call for the help of our superhero to find and put this criminal into jail. But the booty must be found also! This game will delight your children who will dive in the extraordinary universe of superheroes, an unmissable scenario for children of this age!

Further information

This game can take place indoor as outdoor! Everything is “turnkey”. You just have to hide the riddles. The hiding places are the adults’ choice according to the area/space available.

Write the hiding places location one after the other on your dashboard of follow-up, attached to the file you downloaded.

It takes just a few clicks to select and download a game from our wide range of treasure hunts, detective mysteries or escape games for kids. Live a wonderful adventure full of puzzles and riddles to play as a group.

Apartment, house, garden, park or even in forest, this game can fit all locations. It contains 10 riddles or challenges that the children will have to solve one by one to discover the outcome of the adventure!

Form of identity

  • Type of game: treasure hunt
  • Duration of the game: 1:30 am on average
  • Public: 4 and 5-year-old children.
  • Number of players: as much as you wish it! (All the explanations of implementation of the game are included in the file).
  • Format of the game: file PDF to be downloaded since your customer space and to be printed. The game can be downloaded immediately after payment from your customer space.


The PDF file includes about twenty pages.

You will find:

  • Explanation for a good implementation and progress of the game step by step
  • A list of ideas for your hiding places indoor or outdoor (of course you can find others).
  • A pre-filled dashboard for the follow-up of each riddle during the game (hiding place and answer). This document must be kept during the setting up of the game. It helps to follow the team (or the teams) throughout the game
  • Introduction to the story/starting point of the treasure hunt
  • About ten riddles (9-11 according to the games) – The reading of the outcome – diplomas to be printed for every child.

Then, discover our other games too: treasure hunts and police investigations where the children become the heroes of the story!

So, you are now ready FOR A NEW ADVENTURE!


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