Music games for kids

Discover our selection of the best music learning games for kids!

Music games for kids are perfect for introducing your child to music and for group activities. Children love music! It is a moment of discovery where the child becomes familiar with music, rhythm, sounds, different tones… In addition, these musical activities allow children to develop their coordination and balance. It is simply a moment of pleasure and relaxation… Check out among all our games available on our website, the one you like the most for an entertaining activity for your kids!

Music games for kids

How to support the child in the discovery of music?

Music games for kids can  help children develop several skills. When the child listens to music, the 2 hemispheres of the brain are put into action: the left part is more in the analysis and is called upon for the understanding of rhythms, notes and the learning of different harmonies. The right part, on the other hand, is the part of the brain related to the creativity and feelings that music provides. In addition, the body also plays an important role and the child develops his coordination and many other skills while taking maximum pleasure!

So what to put up with children?

  • Dance to develop motor skills and balance
  • Discovery of different music and learning of words and therefore development of language and rhythm…
  • Learn nursery rhymes to develop memory in children
  • Reading musical stories to mix reading and music
  • Discover the music typical of other countries, lullabies from around the world …
  • Invent the words of a song, invent gestures or a dance to accompany music in order to develop creativity
  • Listen to soft music during calm times to calm down and learn to manage your emotions.
  • Let children discover, touch and experience the sound of different instruments
  • Workshop to create and invent “homemade” musical instruments.
  • Organize musical games with other children which also helps to socialize.

The best music games and activities for kids

You don’t have to be a great musician to organize musical games with children! We have listed the different games to set up with your child or with a group of children …

Musical chairs : the most traditional of music games for kids

It is the essential game in the category of musical games… Ideal for having fun to the rhythm of music… Install chairs in a circle with the seat facing outwards. Place 1 chair less than the number of children. Start the music. The children will have to turn in the same direction around the chairs leaving about a space of one meter in them and the chairs. When the adult stops the music, the children will have to quickly sit on a chair… The child who remains standing is eliminated. Take off a new chair and start the music again. Continue like this until there is only one child who will have won the part.

Freeze Dance : the most common of the music games for kids

The children place themselves as they wish in the room. The principle of the game is very simple but very popular with children… Start the music… Children will be able to let off steam and dance freely to the rhythm of the music. But beware, when the music stops, the children must stop and not move as if they were a statue. The child who did not stop or who moves during the 5 seconds of music stop is eliminated. Continue until there is only one child who will be the winner.

The musical cushion

For this activity, you will need a cushion and a tambourine. Children stand in a circle. Start playing the tambourine in rhythm… The children will then have to pass the cushion from hand to hand following the rhythm given by the tambourine, therefore more or less quickly… If you accelerate the rhythm then the children will also have to pass the cushion more and more quickly and vice versa if you slow down the rhythm. To make the game more difficult, you can integrate pauses by stopping the music. Children must stop in time.

Musical balloons

Give each child a balloon. Start the music and ask the children throw the ball up in the air to the beat of the music. When the music stops, the children must become statues and remain motionless… The one who loses his balloon is then eliminated.

Musical hoops

Place hoops almost everywhere on the ground. Put a hoop less than the number of players. Start the music… The children will have to dance in rhythm but be careful when the music stops, they must be fast to take the place in a hoop. Only 1 child can get into a hula hoop. The child who does not have a hoop is eliminated… Continue like this, always removing one hoop each time. The last child won.

The sound’s KIM : the most original of music games for kids

Do you know the KIM’s game? Well, it’s the same principle but with sound… Prepare objects of all kinds: wooden spoons, pots, musical instruments, paper… objects with different and very specific sounds. Present all of the items to the children. Then blindfold a few of them… (the other children will participate in the next round if there are too many). Pass the children 5 by 5 is ideal. The children will then have to identify the different sounds that you will produce with the objects that you have presented to them… For example, serve yourself a glass of water, rub a sheet of paper, tap with a spoon on a saucepan. So many different sounds that the child will have to recognize! Not that easy…

The king of silence

The children are seated in a circle. The adult will designate a child who will be the king. This one sit in the center of the circle, eyes closed. You can also blindfold him to avoid the inadvertent opening of a furtive little eye. The king must keep his treasure, ideally musical instruments that make noise as soon as they are moved like maracas, timpani, bells… If you do not have instruments, use the objects of everyday life  like a bunch of keys for example. Once the treasure is in place, you will randomly designate children to pick up a piece of the treasure… The child must then approach without making any noise, try to grab one of the instruments and go back to its place. If he succeeds, the thief has won… If the king hears a sound, then he must indicate the direction in which he heard the noise by pointing the finger. If he is right then it is the king who wins.

What is the sound ?

The children are seated in a circle… Place in the center of this one pictures of different instruments in your possession. Adapt the number of instruments according to the age of the children, this can range from 4 to 10.

Let the children listen to the sound of each instrument. Leave the cards in the center.

Then hide behind a wall, a sheet, a piece of furniture and play an instrument… The child who recognizes the instrument put up his hand… The first states his opinion… If it is the right one, then he takes the card… Otherwise the second child who raised his hand can try his luck. Then continue with the next instrument.

Poison rhythm

The instructor starts the game by clapping in his hand a four-beat rhythm. It is called “the poison rhythm”. Then he will make different rhythms and the children will have to do the same after him. But when the instructor hits the poison rhythm, then all the children must remain silent. If a child make an error and hits the poison rhythm, he will be eliminated.

The DJ game

One of the children will be nominated to become the DJ. The other children will be the dancers. The children will have to dance to the music but beware, the DJ is naughty … When the music stops, the last child to stop seen by the DJ is eliminated… The winner will be the last dancer on the track!

Musical Hot and Cold game

Designate a child who will go out the room. Meanwhile, hide an object in the room… When the child comes back, he will have to look for the hidden object. To guide him in his search, the other children will sing or invent a sound of music with their voice. This sound will be more or less loud depending on the distance from the object. The closer the child gets, the more the other children will sing loudly. If he moves away , they will sing less loudly.

If the children are numerous, then make them sing in turns…

Musical tag game

Place benches or chairs all over the room. One player is “It”. Play the music. The children and the “It” will dance and move to the rhythm of the music in the room… When the adult stops the music, then the children must quickly go to roost while the “It” must touch the maximum of children… When a player is tagged also he becomes “It” too… So it is more and more difficult at each turn… The child who stays last wins.

Do not forget the lyrics: the most trendy of music games for kids

This is a fun game to adapt to children. The goal: let play karaoke-style music on your television where the lyrics scroll. Stop the music! The children will have to find the end of the words… The one who found puts up his hand. The first to raise their hand states their idea. If he is wrong then the second will try his luck. To help you, you will find on Youtube ready-to-use videos to easily set up this game with children. Discover in particular the selection of Disney songs. You can make the game more difficult by giving one point per word found. The more words the child finds, the more points he scores.

Here is an already complete list of music games to offer to children. You can then adapt them according to each age group. In addition, for many of them, you need very little equipment.

Music brings a lot to children. It contributes to relaxation, development of listening, motor coordination, language development and certain intellectual skills. So why deprive yourself of such benefits? All family occasions, birthdays, school are times when we can share musical activities.

It’s yours now! Let the music play !

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