What does our treasure hunting kit include?

General explanations:

Here is the description of the contents of our games available on our website “treasurehunt4kids”. Upon receipt of the payment, you receive a “PDF” file with an average of twenty pages.

A first part includes the general explanations, the rules, the course of the game as well as the advice for a better organization.

This part will help you to correctly set up and use the riddles and tests. It will give you ideas and advice for a good set up of treasure hunting before starting the event but also during the activity and even after it…

Then you have 2 sheets:

The first table named “Ideas of hiding places” give some examples and ideas to find hideouts both inside and outside. It is only for information and you can naturally find new ideas of hiding places according to the area of game …

Then you have the follow-up sheet. It is to be filled in by an adult before the event in order to remind where each clue is hidden. This paper is to be kept with you during the event to follow the course of the game. It helps to approve the right answer towards the kids.

The beginning of the story starts then, the course of the story with all the trials, and the ending text.


There are about 10 tests mixed with challenges to solve. The children can go to the next step as soon as the previous riddle is approved. The games are various with rebus, labyrinths, arrow games, points to link, crypt messages … but also with some challenges motor skills oriented. The games are adapted to the age of the kids. They become more complicated as soon as the child grow …


An award is ready to be printed for each kid. Don’t forget to personalise it by writing the name of each child who attends the event. Of course, you give it at the very end of the game or it can be put in the treasure box when there is one…

treasure hunting kit
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