Fall color by number

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Kids will enjoy this fall themed color by number worksheet: an engaging activity to consolidate your students’ understanding of division facts.

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Printable educational game for kids: Fall color by number

Kids will enjoy celebrating a new season with this Fall Color by Number Free Printable Sheet, appropriate for 2nd, 3rd or 4th grade students. Coloring by numbers is a fun and enjoyable way to learn mathematics for children: an engaging activity to consolidate your students’ understanding of division facts.

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  • type of game:  color by number
  • theme: Fall
  • public: from 8 years old
  • Format of the game: PDF file to be downloaded since your customer space, to print immediately and completely free.

Free educational game by Treasure hunt 4 Kids: Fall color by number

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1 review for Fall color by number

  1. Hannah Logan

    Incredibly easy to download and print! This will be so fun for the kids to do! Thank you!

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