Football party games

Football (soccer) party games

If your child is a football fan, then why not organize a birthday party with his friends thanks to these great games we are going to detail here! And believe me, this theme is just as suitable for girls as it is for boys.

Find out in this article how to organize the most beautiful football-themed birthday party. Discover our police investigation game at the football stadium, the decoration and many ideas of animations to organize small group games with the children.

Reading this guide will allow you to easily organize your birthday party from A to Z.

Police investigation for kids

Football invitation

It all starts with the invitations. Remember to invite classmates a good fortnight in advance. And of course, the invitation should be on the theme of your party, in this case football.

You can choose to create it yourself, for example by imagining a round invitation representing a football ball. You can also choose our free invitation to print on our website on the theme of football. On the invitation, ask your guests to come on D-Day by wearing a football shirt for example.

Soccer birthday party invitation

Football Investigation Games for kids party

To help you in the organization of your party, you can opt for a large police investigation on the theme of football of course. Discover a “turnkey” game kit to be printed to organize a great detective mystery game that takes place at a football stadium. Look for clues, solve the riddles and try to find the culprit. In this game, our “Black Dragons” team is on the verge of winning the championship. That’s why someone is trying to stop them by playing very bad tricks on them. Find the culprit so that the championship continues in good conditions!

Soccer mystery party game for 6-7 year olds

This game exists for children aged 6-7 years and for children from 8 years old. The story is the same but the puzzles are adapted to the level of each age group. Thanks to this game, children will live a great adventure on the theme of football for more than an hour. As parents you will only need about 20 minutes to set up everything. The game kit includes all the necessary explanations to set up the game, a follow-up sheet, the story and the riddles as well as a diploma to print to congratulate the children on their success.

Soccer investigation game

Football decoration

The advantage of this theme is that the decoration is quite easy to set up and quite simple to find in any party store and even in supermarkets.

In addition, we have developed a range of birthday party sets to be printed with the effigy of our heroes and game themes. So, discover our decoration to be printed on the football theme. This decoration is 100% matching with our investigation game and will allow you to set up a unique decoration in connection with your theme.

Football birthday party Printables for kids

Party Game Ideas for Football Entertainment

Here is a list of games and animations to set up with the children on the theme of football.

  1. Shots on goal: make a goal in your garden or park by placing cones for example to mark the perimeter of the goal. Line up children in front of the goals and have them practice shooting the ball into the goal and showing their most imaginative or fun tactics.
  2. Yellow card: the yellow card game is a Tag game. One of the players is chosen to be “It”, or “the referee”. This one receives several sticky yellow cards, for example post-it notes. He will then have to tag the players by sticking a yellow card on them. The players who are tagged must then stop. Once the children have been immobilized, they can only be released if another player slips between their legs. Players can then resume play but must keep their yellow cards on them. If a child receives three yellow cards, he is eliminated. The last person in the game wins the game and becomes the referee for the next round.
  3. Football match: it is an excellent game for the birthdays of children who love soccer. Set up two goals close together. Split the group into two teams and organize a real football match. You will adapt the time of the game to the age of the children. You can play 2 halftimes of 10 or 15 minutes each.
  4. Obstacle course: this course is fun for children of all ages and levels.  Create an obstacle course using everyday objects from the garden. Children will have to do the course by dribbling with a football ball.  Let the children take turns using a stopwatch to time each other.  Set up obstacles using trampolines, swings, slides, pipes (placed on the ground in a curved position so that they have to follow it when they dribble), cones so that they can dribble around them. Use whatever is available in your garden. The obstacle course can be done individually or in teams. It can also be done as a relay. Once the race is over, you can start it again by making the children face it by walking backwards.
  5. Bowling: fill bottles with water and place them so that they form a real bowling game. Instead of throwing balls with their hands, have the children knock them over by kicking a ball with their feet. You can count the points as in a bowling game.
  6. Balloon heads: for this game, give each child an inflated balloon. The aim of the game is for the children to throw the balloon into the air for the first time. Then they will have to hold it up in the air as long as possible using only their heads. As soon as the balloon goes down, the child will only have to use their head to hit it and then bring it up again and so on. Children who drop the ball or catch it other than with their head are eliminated. The last child who keeps their ball in the air without touching the ground wins.
  7. Photo session: create an area that will be used for photos. Buy a cut-out football goalie photo accessory or photobooths. Place an adult with a digital camera in the photo area. Children can take turns placing their heads in the space provided to represent the goalie. If photobooths are used, children can pass alone or in groups to be photographed in fun positions. Email the photo to the children’s parents after the party or use a photo printer to send a souvenir to the children at home.
  8. Football relay: here is another hilarious game for children’s birthdays with a football theme. Divide the guests into two equal groups. About 15 meters away, place mounds of inflated white and black balloons (inflate them too much to make them burst more easily). When the whistle blows, the first two participants in the relay, one from each team, run towards the balls and take one. Everyone must sit on a balloon until it bursts (you can ask them to try to burst a balloon by walking on it instead). Once the ball has burst, the players run to the start line, touch the next player who then takes their turn. The first team to finish the course wins the game.
  9. Football blocker: this game is ideal to play with a large group of children at an outdoor football birthday party. Ask everyone to get into a circle and choose one of the children to stand in the middle to play the role of the “football ball blocker”. Then one of the children in the circle kicks the football to someone on the other side of the circle. The football ball blocker must try to intercept the football ball. When he succeeds, he then takes the place in the circle of the person who kicked the ball. The person who sent the ball will in turn become the football ball blocker.
  10. Football Pinata: pinatas are a perfect game for children’s birthdays. Choose a pinata with a football theme. The children will then have to try to break it by banging it with a stick and blindfolded. The aim is to free what is inside. You will have placed some sweets and small toys beforehand which the children will be happy to share at the end of the game.
  11. Football competitions: Organize several competitions with small prizes for the winners.
  • Dribbling contest. Set up a long line with cones and ask the children to dribble the ball while sneaking between them as quickly as possible.
  • Goal contest. Set up a football goal in the garden. Then ask the children to take a penalty shoot-out. For every missed goal, the child who took the shot is eliminated. You can then organize a penalty shoot-out from the farthest or most complicated place possible.

It will now be easy for you to set up games and animations for your football party with all the ideas detailed above.

Free games to print on the theme of football to end up the party

We offer you a section of completely free games to print: coloring, dots to connect, game of differences, pixel arts, search and find, mazes, crosswords and much more.

Soccer referee coloring page

These games are also on the different themes of treasure hunts, investigations and escape games that we offer on the site. So you will also find some on the theme of football!

This can be used to help calm down while waiting for the parents to arrive or you can use them to offer them to the children so that they can leave with them. They will be able to do this at home as a souvenir of the day.

I hope that this complete guide will have helped you in your organization of a football-themed birthday party. Discover our website which lists all the game ideas for your birthday parties. Get a lot of great ideas!

Also discover all our other game themes to play with family or friends for hours of adventure in which you will always be the heroes!

Escape games for kids

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