The Secret of the Old Manor

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The discovery of a letter in your grandparents’ attic will lead you to an old manor! You have an hour and a half to find secret documents and get out of this place you locked in before your grandparents come home.

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Brand: Treasure Hunt 4 Kids

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Print and play Home Escape Room: «The Secret of the Old Manor!»

Live a fun and educational adventure with this Home Escape Room in the Old Manor, a great activity for kids full of puzzles & challenges to play alone or as a group. Explore clues, solve puzzles, interact with your team to complete your mission! Home Escape Rooms are perfect for parties, family dinners, classroom activities, team-building activities and to add to your holiday fun!

Print & play Home Escape Room in the Old Manor


Discover our escape room kit for kids: “The secret of the old manor”. It’s a fun game to print out for a birthday party or to play with your family, for children from 10 years old! After the discovery of a strange letter in an attic, go in search of secret documents in an old manor! But as soon as you enter, the door closes behind you! It’s locked from the outside! You are trapped in this mysterious place! Be careful, you have 1h30 to find the secret documents and get out of there!

Identification Form & further information

  • Type of game: escape room
  • Theme: old manor
  • Play time: Our adventures are designed to offer approximately 60-90 minutes of fun.
  • Ages: from 10 years old (from 5th Grade)
  • Number of players: at your convenience (All the game implementation explanations are included in the file).
  • Set up time : about 20 minutes
  • Instant Download: Your file will be available to download once payment is confirmed. If you have an account, after your purchase, you will see the file link on the Downloads page. There you can download the file associated with your order.
    If you have or do not have an account, you will find a link to download your purchase in the receipt email that was sent to you after your purchase. Please check your junk email. Please note, this is a digital download only, you will never receive anything by mail.
  • Play area : indoors or outdoors

This print and play home escape room kit can both take place indoors or outdoors! Every activity is “turnkey” so you will just have to hide the clues. The hiding places are the adults’ choice related to the available space.

In an apartment, a house, a garden, a park or even in forest, this game can fit all locations. It contains 10 clues with puzzles or challenges to perform. Children will have to solve them one by one to discover the adventure’s outcome!

Print and play escape room game for kids in the old manor

Content of the print and play Escape Room kit

The PDF file contains about 20 pages including :

  • The explanatory pages for setting up the game and for the proper conduct of the game.
  • List of ideas for indoor and outdoor hiding places (you can of course find others).
  • 1 pre-filled follow-up sheet where you will just have to write down the hiding places chosen for each clue. It will allow you to follow the team (or teams) throughout the game.
  • The beginning of the story.
  • About ten puzzles (10 to 11 depending on the game)
  • The outcome of the story
  • Certificates to be printed for each child.
  • The birthday invitations are available for free on the website.

Purchase & Instructions

  • Open the file in a pdf viewer such as Acrobat Reader. If you can’t read the file correctly, update your acrobat reader.
  • We recommend printing in color for optimal results.
  • With an easy Print & Play system, all you need to do is download the file, print the documents and enjoy an unforgettable adventure!
  • Extra equipment: the provided PDF documents, a color printer or printing service, a desktop computer connected to the internet, pens ans pencils, envelopes to hold clues (or you can fold the clues closed).
  • This game is for personal use only and may not be resold, redistributed or shared for any purpose. The purchase of the product does not transfer the rights, and the copyright remains with Treasure hunt 4 kids. By purchasing this file, you agree to these terms and conditions.
  • Instant download items don’t accept returns, exchanges or cancellations. Please contact the seller about any problems with your order.

More about us…

“Treasure hunt 4 kids” is a fun and family-friendly website that offers an innovative game concept: downloadable and printable treasure hunts, detective mystery games and home escape rooms for birthday parties, family activities or special occasions such as Halloween, Christmas or Easter! Our adventures are perfectly designed to host a successful home activity  for children ages 4-12. It takes just a few clicks to choose and download a game from our wide range of printable adventure kits.

Designed by an early childhood educator, our games allow parents to quickly, easily and inexpensively set up a fun, original and educational activity that will make your child’s birthday a real success! Special attention is paid to the creation of our games in order to adapt the difficulty to the abilities of your children, according to their age. That’s why our game kits are divided into 3 age categories: 4-5 years old, 6-7 years old and 8 years old and up.

Simplify the organization of your party with a “turnkey” activity thanks to treasure hunt kits and other adventure games to print! Design, story, challenges, puzzles… All the ingredients are there to make your game experience a success! Games tried and tested by children and validated by parents with a maximum of adventure but a minimum of preparation.

We also offer a wide range of games to download and print for free. In addition, take a look at our website which lists all the game ideas for children’s parties. Get a lot of great ideas!

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5 reviews for The Secret of the Old Manor

  1. Elena (verified owner)

    The escape room was a success. A nice story punctuated by various puzzles that are neither too easy nor too complicated. I really recommend this website for the quality of its games.

  2. Carol S. (verified owner)

    The kids found and decoded everything pretty fast but it was fun and memorable! My guests enjoyed the game.

  3. Amy D. (verified owner)

    We really enjoyed this party game. The puzzles were interesting with good variety. This was great and the kids had a wonderful time playing!

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is as much fun for me to set up this home escape room as it is for the kids to do it. Everything you need is in the file.

  5. Courtney (verified owner)

    It was a last minute decision to buy This and use it on a rainy day. The kids loved it! I set it up quick and the kids ran with it. Definitely worth it in my opinion. 🙂

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