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It takes just a few clicks to select and download a game from our website.

Select the game that’s right for you based on your child’s age range and interests!

We offer a wide selection of games. You will find the game that will appeal to your child without any problem


After payment, you must go to your customer area and download the documents, a PDF file with an average of twenty pages including:

– general explanations for a good implementation and progress of the game step by step.

– ideas of hiding places indoor or outdoor (of course you can find others).

– follow-up sheet

– introduction to the story

– reading of the outcome

– the story line

– all the clues and challenges: about ten riddles (9-11 according to the games)

– an award to be printed for every child.

Hide the clues at home, in the garden or whereever the birthday party is going to take place. Apartment, house, garden, park or even in forest, this game can fit all locations.This game can take place indoor as outdoor! Everything is “turnkey”.

The hiding places are the adults’ choice according to the area/space available.


Read the initial story and let’s play!! All you have to do is accompany the children for the duration of the game.

Help them if it is necessary… Read the story-line. Be present until the children find the treasure or the culprit of the investigation.

Every game contains on average 10 riddles or challenges that the children will have to solve one by one to discover the outcome of the adventure!

Therefore, all these games are designed for children and their level is adapted both to the age of kids but also to their centers of interests through the story and the riddles.