Police investigations & escape games

Immerse yourself in an incredible adventure. Let your children put themselves in the shoes of a real detective with our game kits of police investigations and escape games.

Police investigations and escapes games are adventure. The children will have to accomplish a specific mission: discover a culprit or elucidate a mystery…

Escapes games are also puzzle solving games except that the time is timed… It’s up to you to start the stopwatch at the beginning of the game … The children will then have 1:30 to reach the objectives of their mission, solve a mystery or escape from a place. Anyway, these games will please children. They love to put themselves in the shoes of real detectives and solve mysteries as surprising and intriguing as each other!

In the both cases, you will need to work as a team, look for clues, combine them, use your logic and deduction spirit to advance in the game. Turnkey, it will take you about twenty minutes to set up a police investigation or an escape game in your home, in the garden, in the park or in the forest! Our games adapt to all spaces …

Choose, download and print a complete kit of game to make the birthday of your child the most beautiful day! The children will remember this great adventure for a long time. They will keep wonderful memories of this original day, fun and educational!

So, are you ready to play as a team, to solve the different enigmas and challenges? They will lead you to the end of your incredible adventure!

When the adventure comes to the house …

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Showing 1–12 of 14 results