4 to 5 years

Find our treasure hunts and games of investigation adapted to the smallest ones: the children from 4 to 5 years old! Themes are designed according to the interests of the youngest. The games are adapted to their development:

– colours

– shapes

– letters of the alphabet

– numbers and knowledge of their environment…

will be part of the different tests and riddles.

In just a few clicks, choose a game from our boutique, download and print it! Our games are easy to understand and quick to organise (around 30 minutes). Each game is an original adventure in which the children will have to solve enigmas and challenges in order to complete a quest  within a cooperation spirit, in a playful way as always!

These birthday games will delight children for sure!

Therefore, all these games are designed for children. So their level is adapted both to the age of kids but also to their centers of interests through the story and the riddles.

These games allow kids to be successful all together! They will always find the treasure or the solution of the survey at the end, they will all be rewarded for their collaboration and they will all get their diploma.